March 2021


Inks and Board Event For Texarkana Animal Shelter at Body of Art—March 2

I know so many people who love to paint and for the life of me I just cannot understand WHY!!! It is hard, messy, and my art always ends up looking like a kindergartener’s probably would. But for you talented art lovers (or even untalented ones who still enjoy it... more power to you). On March 2, Body of Art, at 3003 Richmond Road, is teaming up with ColorHype TXK to host this special painting event. Half of all profits will benefit the Texarkana Animal Shelter! Even if you just want a night of fun, food and refreshments, hor d’oeuvres and drinks will be provided by Body of Art. According to their event page, “Inks and Board project is a fun way to create a stunning piece of contemporary art! The process is easy and fun! No prior experience required!” So maybe I will rethink coming to this event considering no prior experience is required... We’ll see. Ages 21-100 are welcome and it’s only $40 to register! Sign up at Lucky Dog Productions Barrel Races at Four States Fairgrounds—March 5-7 Ah, the joys of growing up in a family who loves attending rodeos or other Four States Fairgrounds events. This was my childhood, so I have been to a barrel race or two, and they are actually not all bad. They can be quite fun. I complained way more back then than I should have. I secretly enjoyed them. Lucky Dog Productions is hosting barrel races on March 5-7 and they would love for you to come out and enjoy the competition! You can find every detail you’re looking for on the Lucky Dog Productions Facebook page. Information on prices and times is all there! Now that I’m thinking about it… I wish I knew how to ride a horse. Pull for Heroes Sporting Clay Tournament at Rocky Creek Outdoors—March 13 It is the 4th annual Pull for Heroes Sporting Clay Tournament! All proceeds from entry fees, games and food go to the Ark-La-Tex 100 Club, whose sole purpose is to “benefit local police and firefighters in Bowie and Miller counties.” Last year a whopping $35,000 was collected to support those who pledge their lives in service to our community! Way to go, Texarkana! The event will be held at Rocky Creek Outdoors in Texarkana on March 13, 2021, and there will be PLENTY of shooting games and activities that will allow participants at any experience level to enjoy a day of fun. The entry fee is $100 per shooter. Bring out the entire family to support those who keep us safe! Sporting Clay Tournament for Sunrise Rotary Club of Texarkana at Rocky Creek Outdoors—March 26 If you do not do so hot at the first sporting clay tournament on March 13th, here is your chance to get at ‘em again! On Friday,


Seven Things To Do During March! Look at us! We have made it to March 2021! As we enter this glorious month, the official birth month of springtime, I am reminded of all that has to happen during the fall in order to circle us back to this time of new beginnings. The leaves must change colors and then wither to the ground in order for new ones to bloom and flourish and become the new and beautiful sights that decorate the season. We rarely think of the full process, and some of us consider fall and winter the ugly, dark, cold seasons, without fully realizing and appreciating that without them, the landscape would not have room for all the gorgeous new beauty of spiring! I think I can speak for everyone when I say we have been through some doom & gloom in the last twelve months. I believe the dark days we have trudged through are bringing us into our own season of gorgeous new beginnings! I imagine we aren’t much different from the surrounding nature. Sometimes we must change and wither and transform to make room for our springtime, and here we are! So, let’s enjoy this metamorphosis as we spend time with our loved ones at some of these awesome Texarkana events…



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