March 2021


both forms of humor are hysterical in the right context. So, let’s say I am feeling “passionately” about something in a negative way (i.e., I’m ticked!). He knows just when to whip out a goofy look, say something completely outrageous in a funny voice, or throw a one- two outrageous look/voice combo punchline. That does it. I laugh, and he’s able to swoop in with a hug. Once my fiery temper is doused with the contents of his good ole “bucket of laughs,” we can start talking about what is really bothering me. His being funny, and my being an easy laugh, are keys to our family’s mental health status! Sometimes, my laughter can backfire big time. I can sometimes lack discernment on when it is appropriate to laugh and when it is not. The older I get, the better I am with being able to identify the cues for appropriate laughter and timing. Nonetheless, I let a “guffaw,” or two, slip every once in a while. I believe the reason for my being this way is there just aren’t many situations in which I don’t find humor or an opportunity to interject it. If there is a moment where a joke can be told, I’m going to tell it. If there is a way to interject a humorous observation, yours truly will throw it

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Doris. Doris who? Doris locked, that’s why I knocked!

out on the table. Anytime a laugh can be had, I want to have it. That said, sometimes it’s not appropriate, and it comes at someone else’s expense. If someone doesn’t intend for their words or actions to be funny, I have to figure out a way to hold myself together. Most of the time the laugh slips out, I see their hurt expression and I immediately have to apologize. Now, if the person says or does something totally idiotic, and they laugh at themselves, all bets are off! I allow myself to laugh, but I never want to compromise someone’s feelings because of my selfish desire to laugh. Honestly, seven out of ten times the person with the idiotic moment is me! Right now, I value laughter more than ever. With all that is going on around us, a good laugh does this old soul some good. I want to encourage you to find something to laugh about today. Once you laugh and find that bright spot in an overcast world, you will find yourself being grateful for it. Regardless of the way things may be going, being grateful allows for a different perspective. God has given us laughter for a purpose, so let’s not waste a single chance to have, share or give a laugh!



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