March 2021


them to a client. We also sold my custom footstools,” Callaway laughed. “I was able to have the stools remade, but when my business partner, Kimberlin Meador, went to reorder the nightstands, she decided to order something different. I was so mad at her at first, but when they came in, I liked them even better.” Art, texture, color, and style- stepping into a home and being able to gain insight into the personality of the homeowner is certainly the feeling here. “When you’re working on a client’s home, you have to be able to read people to learn their style and do what they want. So, this is 100% my style. It’s very masculine and has a lot of blues and greens because I love those colors. I also used a lot of earthy tones, even down to the dishes, because I’m very particular about the way I like it, and because I wanted a contemporary style, but didn’t want it to be uncomfortable, stark, cold or harsh,” Callaway said. Through his knowledge of style, ability to trust his instincts and his willingness to evolve with the changes of a project, I would say he has accomplished his goal.

a central staircase and eight-foot ceilings throughout the downstairs. By moving the stairs to the far wall, Callaway was able to extend the ceiling over the living room to the full height of the second story. Another important design consideration was adding plenty of storage. “I came here from a house on Wood Street that was built in 1910; it had zero closets, zero storage. After eight years of that, I thought, ‘I’m not doing this again,’” Callaway stated. So, he added a bank of custom floor to ceiling cabinetry across the back wall and painted them the same soothing white used on the walls and trim throughout the house. “Everything in the house is painted the same color except for the kitchen and bar cabinets because I love art and needed the blank walls or the art doesn’t stand out as much,” Callaway said. He talked a lot about the art in his home and how each piece was carefully selected for the space. He also let the space and materials inspire him and evolve as construction was taking place. One such space is a wall accented with 40-year-old grass-cloth wall covering. A client found this old wallpaper during a

remodel and had given it to him. Originally, he planned to use it just for texture and paint over it. Once in the space, something told him to leave it for a bit and not paint over it right away. As the furniture filled the space, he found a beautiful piece of art by Benson Cobb that comprises a piece of hand-painted linen. Once the art went on the wall, he knew the grass-cloth was perfect just the way it was. Art also creates interest and focal points upstairs. At the top of the stairs, there is an impressive bar and hang out space that is home to a large antique flaxseed scraper. In the master bedroom, Callaway found his inspiration through an abstract Kelly O’Neal piece he found in O’Neal’s studio in Dallas. “I love his stuff, and as soon as I saw this piece, I knew I wanted it to be my headboard. I had it framed in his studio and made just for that,” said Callaway. The master is one of his favorite spaces. “I’ll be honest, I knew that was going to be the headboard, but from there it just kind of evolved. The nightstands I originally ordered went into the showroom while I waited for construction to be completed, and we ended up selling



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