Revel Year In Review 2021-2022


Stephanie Idy


From: Brooklyn, NY Concentration: Talmud

From: Columbus, Ohio. Concentration: Talmud. Currently: Congregational Rabbi at Beth Jacob Congregation Degrees: Masters in Counseling from Johns Hopkins, MA and BA in Talmudic Law from Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore, Semicha from Ner Israel

Currently: Director of Profession- al Development for Allegra Franco Women’s Bet Midrash and Teaching Fellowship. Degrees: BA in Mathematics and an MA in Mathematics Education 7–12 from Brooklyn College.

“I chose Revel as I have a deep love and passion for Judaic Studies and a strong desire to advance my education. I’ve loved Talmud since I was first exposed to it in High School and knew that I wanted to learn it on a higher level and in an academic setting. “

“I was always interested in obtaining an advanced degree in Jewish Studies. Revel’s stellar reputation and incredible team of scholars made it a very appealing choice. The availability of a completely online option made this dream a reality.”

Neti Linzer

Yonatan Kurz

From: Bergenfield, NJ Concentration: Jewish Philosophy Currently: Fellow at Yeshiva Universi- ty’s Graduate Program for Advanced Talmudic Studies for Women Degrees: BA in philosophy from Princeton University.

From: Teaneck, NJ. Concentration: Jewish Philosophy or Modern Jewish History Currently: student at Yeshiva College. Fun Fact: I am a fourth generation student at Yeshiva College. My father, grandfather, and great-grandfather all attended Yeshiva College. “Revel provides an opportunity for

“So many of the professors at Revel are scholars whose work I have enjoyed from a distance–I am looking forward to

not only incredible intellectual growth and understanding with some of the most prominent Jewish thinkers but also a unique chance to interact with other students who unified by the desire to flourish in an invigorating environment that is imbued with an intense belief in the importance in enhanced learning about authentic Judaism and the rich history and philosophy that it contains. ”

the opportunity to learn from them directly! “ Fun Fact: I always appreciate a good hike.

Elior Garfinkel

From: Riverdale, NY Concentration: Bible with a focus on the Ancient Near East Currently: Chief Knowledge Officer at Verae, LLC Degrees: BA in Psychology from Touro University

Stephen Michael Berk

From: San Francisco, California Concentration: Modern Jewish History (focus on Zionism and antisemitism) Currently: Teacher/Tutor Degrees: BA in History from the University of Oregon, MA in History (with a focus on Jewish and Zionist History) from San

Fun Fact: I enjoy hiking, going to museums, and exploring the city. “I chose Revel for its excellent Bible and Ancient Jewish History departments, and for its wonderful faculty.”

Francisco State University Fun fact: For other hobbies I listen to music and write poetry. While I haven’t done it in a while I like to share my poetry at open mics. “I chose the Jewish Studies program at Yeshiva University because I believe its faculty are among the best Jewish studies scholars in the United States and maybe the world.”

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