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APRIL 2020

From Quantico, Virginia, to Pendleton Law My Journey Into Law

I’m proud to be part of the Pendleton LawTeam. Everyone who works here has a sense of service and duty to those we work with and represent, and I share that same sense of responsibility. To understand where this work ethic comes from, we have to go back to Quantico. I’m a military brat, born in Baltimore, Maryland, and I grew up in Quantico, Virginia. Bothmy parents were in the military: My dad was an officer in the Marines, andmy momwas a naval officer. Their military work ethic informedmy upbringing and pushedme tomature early on in life. When my parents retired, we moved to Fredericksburg, Virginia, where we put down roots and built lasting friendships. When I wasn’t studying, I was playing soccer, tennis, and working as an editor for the school newspaper. My favorite class, though, was my Spanish class. Linda Warner, my Spanish teacher, saw I had a gift for languages and encouraged me to pursue Spanish in college. During my summers, I worked in food service, further developing my work ethic. After I graduated from high school, I went to James Madison University and majored in marketing with a minor in Spanish and a

But one thing Michael taught me was that, as an attorney, the highest goal we can reach is to become a healer. Healers prioritize the well-being and restoration of their clients, rather than rewards or recognition. To this day, that mindset informs how I treat my clients, opposing counsel, my peers, and everyone else I meet. I’m working toward the greater good while maintaining the highest level of professionalism I can. I love that I get to work with an entire team of lawyers just as dedicated to our clients as I am. Everyone at Pendleton Law is supportive of one another, too. If I need anything, I know I can count on anyone here. As a military brat, it’s hard to call any one area home, but I know I have a home here in Virginia. I’ve found a supportive community with high ideals at the Pendleton Law Team. I came to the Pendleton Law Team because I saw this ideal in every one of my fellow lawyers.

concentration in European business. My parents always encouraged me to expand my horizons, but my aha! moment came in my business law class. My professor was very engaging and persuasively argued his points, especially with the infamous McDonald’s coffee case. After hearing the case and how he presented it, I was fascinated so much so that I told my parents all about it. It was then that they suggested I look into becoming a lawyer. So, I started studying relentlessly for several months to take the LSATs to enroll at the best school I could. At this point, I also took a job with a local personal injury attorney, Michael Schreyer, to prepare as much as I could for law school. Michael taught me the ropes and have been fantastic mentors to me through the years. As I started law school, interestingly enough, I studied everything except personal injury. At first, I had a passion for family law and criminal law and worked in those fields for five years.

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