Andrew M. Ayers, P.C. - June 2020

JUNE 2020


Summer Days Our Favorite Adventures

It’s a longstanding joke that the winters seem to last forever in Minnesota. We’re well into summer before the weather is consistently nice again. I will say that once we’re in summer, the weather is pretty great (no comment on the mosquitoes …). My family tries to spend as much time as possible outside, especially now that all of the kids can ride their bike without training wheels. One of our favorite summertime activities is to visit the town pool. Many times during the summer, at the end of the workday, my wife and I will grab the kids and go to the pool and swim for a bit. The kids get to splash around for a few hours and when we get home, we usually have a quick dinner before everyone crashes. Going to the pool in the afternoon is a pretty great trick for getting the kids to go to bed on time in the summer months. During the summer, we also love to host. Even back when we lived in our tiny Brooklyn apartment, we tried to have people over every Saturday. We had a tiny backyard, but it was such a great place to do some New York City-style parties with our tiny little grill. We created many great summer memories just sitting out back with our friends, eating and laughing together. Grilling, both for gatherings and for typical family dinners, is a big part of our summers. I have this great rib-eye steak recipe that we make year- round, which is a favorite. In the summer, I’ll pair the steaks with some fresh grilled asparagus. If you don’t like asparagus, then you’ve probably never had it prepared well. You drizzle it in good olive oil (our favorite from Brooklyn is even available on Amazon now), add some salt and pepper, and put a piece of foil down so the olive oil doesn’t make the grill smoke.

It’s an easy, tasty side that you really can’t mess up. The kids might turn their nose up to it, but the adults always dig in.

The great thing about summer is that there’s always a lot of fun things to do. The kids are out of school, which means there’s no homework to be done in the evening. Instead, our summer nights are filled with soccer, baseball, softball, and tennis. Sometimes I’m even able to sneak away to play golf with some friends. Summer is just a great time of the year, but I suspect this summer might be different than most. At the time of writing, we’re still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, so I’m honestly not sure how many of these summertime traditions we’ll get to enjoy. I’m choosing to be hopeful that we’ll have some summer fun — after the long Minnesota winter and the extended stay-at-home order, we could all use some fun in the sun. (And as my wife would be quick to remind all of us, “Wear your sunscreen!” )

“During the summer, we also love to host. Even back when we lived in our tiny Brooklyn apartment, we tried to have people over every Saturday.” | 1 -Andrew M. Ayers

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