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Dealing With Stress


You have more control over stress than you think. Stress management is about taking charge of your lifestyle, thoughts, emotions, and the way you deal with problems. No matter how stressful your life seems, there are steps you can take to regain control.

alter, adapt, or accept. Avoid people or situations that stress you out. Talk about your feelings instead of bottling them up, create a balanced schedule, reframe your problems, look at the big picture, and practice gratitude. It’s critical to look at the glass as half-full and learn to forgive.



Chronic stress is hard to recognize. Look closely at your habits and excuses. Do you explain away stress as temporary? Do you define stress as an integral part of your life? Do you blame your stress on others? If you don’t recognize your role in creating or maintaining stress, you will never be able to control it.

Nurturing yourself is a necessity, not a luxury. If you make ample time for self-care, you will be in a better place to handle life’s stressors. Give yourself options like going for a walk, calling a good friend, journaling, or reading a book.



Withdrawing from loved ones, bingeing on food or alcohol, procrastinating, and sleeping too much are all unhealthy ways to deal with stress. Instead, find unique, healthy coping strategies to deal with stress. Focus on what makes you feel calm and in control.

In addition to regular exercise, there are other healthy lifestyle choices that can increase your resistance to stress. Eat a healthy diet; reduce caffeine and sugar; avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs; and get enough sleep. Stress is unavoidable, but it doesn’t have to dictate your life. With stress management techniques, you can avoid chronic stress, reduce your stress levels, and live your life to the fullest.


Some stressors are predictable. Learn how to predetermine your reactions by choosing to avoid,

“One year ago, my neurologist referred me to Michael Ulmer at Kinetic for treatment of severe motion abnormalities due to 15 years of Parkinson’s disease. Before starting this therapy, I could walk only a few steps with a shuffling gait, supported by two canes or a rollator. I suffered from postural imbalance and risked

and Michael’s attitude was shared by the other therapists. The clerical staff contributed to this positive environment while effortlessly organizing the appointment schedule and payment administration. I heartily recommend the Kinetic Physical Therapy team.”

–Larry Wood

“Amanda is a personable therapist and very knowledgeable. I felt I was in good hands. When I came here, I had pain in my hip, and my legs were very tight. With her professional care, I am pain-free and my mobility is excellent. The exercise program she has for me works very well.”

falling. I could perform no daily living activities, and I had not golfed for three years after enjoying 100 games per year when I was diagnosed. Michael devised a program that included stretching, posture improvements, heel- to-toe gait instructions, rotation exercises, and weight training. “Now, I walk 10 minutes with improved balance, without using support and without falls. What a great improvement from the relentless downhill course before therapy! These movement enhancements were instituted in a positive, constructive environment,

–Phyllis Moellenkamp

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