FYZICALPBC: Sciatica & Back Pain




FEELING GOOD PALM BEACH Hi Everyone! Last month we published our first Newsletter in this format. I’m so grateful to all of you who reached out with kindwords and shared your appreciation of our focus on bringing you valuable information on achieving optimal health and wellness. There are 4 primary areas of prevention for which you will need answers and will need to focus on in order to be at your best for both you and your family: exercise; a nutrient-dense diet; adequate sleep; and avoiding bad habits. It’s pretty simple, but not always that easy.

After all, diseases of affluence (including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, obesity, etc.) are at alarming levels in this country and are on the rise! Add to that the scary realization that people age 65 and over are filing for personal bankruptcy at unprecedented levels; the majority due to medical and healthcare issues! It’s a huge issue we all must address together! Prevention and doing what youmust to take care of yourself has never beenmore urgent! That’s why at FYZICAL, we are all about PreventingNeedless Suffering& Doing Whatever We Can to Help You Flourish! To be at your best, it’s gonna take a plan; so it’s probably a great time to provide you with a friendly “nudge” and challenge you just a little on the topic of Planning. Throughout your life you have achieved great successes; you planned for the big things like your business, your career, and your family. You even planned for the little things like vacations, weekends, and holidays. And now, nothing could bemore important than to have a plan for improving andmaintaining your health so that you can lead that joyful, healthy life you have worked so hard for. Sooo… What’s your health plan? Do you understand all youmust do to reach your optimal health without hurting yourself?

Because here’s the thing, those 4 areas are the WHAT! Achievement, however, lies with the HOW! At FYZICAL, we are fond of the saying, “Plan or Be Planned For!” Your health is one area where you have the opportunity to impact daily. I urge you to have a plan. Take control. Know how you will tackle the 4 primary areas of optimal health listed above! The great business philosopher JimRohn defined failure as “A few errors in judgement repeated every day.” Likewise, success could be defined as, “A few wise choices repeated every day!” So here’s to putting your health plan in place, wishing you many wise choices, and much success in your journey! At FYZICAL, we sign off with LYL (Love Your Life) because that’s our wish for you, optimal physical health so that you can live fully and love your life!

LYL (Love Your Life), Mike Graves, MSPT President & CEO

INSIDE OUR NEWSLETTER: • What Are the Symptoms of Sciatica? • Relieve Back Pain In Minutes • Patient Success Spotlight • Healthy Recipe • Discover How To Live Pain-Free


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