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February range

Dear Artist, Here’s a quick look at where we are with an update on sales and new artwork deadlines for Christmas and a May release. If there is anything that I haven’t covered here, let me know. New Brochure I am sorry that we have not been able to send you a copy of the new brochure. We have outsourced all our sales aids to a third party (Able Print - here’s the link, if you are interested www.flamingo-able.co.uk/) - it has proved to be a little tricky extracting copies from them. However, the new brochure is very lovely and available for you to see on line (https://online. flippingbook.com/view/854319/). If you spot any of your artwork that you believe is out of licence, please email me and we will get it sorted for you.

If you had designs that were featured in the February inaugural launch, I hope that most you will have received your samples last week. We have sent out 50 of each of the greeting cards and five packs of note cards/gift wrap designs. That’s 3,350 cards, lovingly counted by me (very, very slowly!), with a little help from kind Rene and her team at Envio, who parcelled them all up! Too many cards? Just let me know and I will make a note for the future. We think that most of you find good uses for your samples, using them to promote your shows and to sell at your Open House events. The new range has sold extremely well for us – probably because it was all quite brilliant! Thank you to everyone whose work was featured; we hope you were excited to see your designs in the flesh and that you are as pleased with the result as we were.

Top 25 for February

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FP6008 Pink Flamingos FP5014 Pass the Prosecco FP5010 Easter Design

Pink Flamingo (Happy Birthday)

14 FP6018

15 FP6028 Cheers for Beers 16 FP6026 Scottie 17 FP5004 Day Over Fabulous! 18 FP5002 Welcome New Baby 19 FP5018 Anniversary Years 20 FP5017 Cool for Dogs 21 FP5008 Three Trees 22 FP6012 Wine o’Clock 23 FP6020 Candles (Happy Birthday) 24 FP6019 Birthday Balloons 25 FP5009 Some Bunny Loves You

FP6024 Cake!

FP6006 Red Heart

Shine Bright Like a Diamond




FP5001 Spring Flower Posy

Champagne Congratulations




FP6003 Three Flower Jars (Blue)

10 FP7004 Marching Penguins 11 FP6002 Happy Birthday 12 FP6021 With Sympathy 13 FP6017 Pink Boot (Happy Birthday)

Laura Stone’s Pink Flamingos was the best seller from day one. Thanks Laura and thanks to everyone.

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