Shea Theatres G R EA T ER BUFF A LO' S G REAT ES T ENTERTA I NM EN T NOW-- More t han ever before! « T he worl d of entertainment changes con– stantl y. Personalities bloom and pale with t he ::;Ilifti llg ( i ~lt: or popular ap proval! « Vogues in stage ami screen programs vary wit h lhe ti mes. Shea TheatrtJ. while keep– ing pace wit h pu blic tas te and in tu ne wit.h changing times, stay lixed as the North Sta r in t.heir guarantee of L[ uali ty t a: Today, the new develo pments in entertai n– ment - on stage, screen, and in the Illllsic de– partme nt-emphasize our Quality Pledge ! lH Me than ever be/ort! Shea Tllcat'fc$ Me y OM unf ailing gu ide 10 l he bo t in E 'lItt'rftdnmen/ ! SHEA'S BUFFALO SI-If.A'S HIPPODROME SHEA'S CENTURY

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Right in your own home, you can en joy the deliciou s sea food s you have eaten at Gandy' s Restaurant , fo r Gandy's Sea Food Market will de– li ve r t he same " pi ck of t he catch" to your door. Phone your order to W alkington 6432 HOTEL MARKEEN Excel lent Facil it ies for Enterta ining M en-us Submitted I MAIN AT UTI CA STR E-=~J PHONE , TUPPE R 9890

~~Y.! Sea Food Market 388 PEARL STREET at Chip pewa

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Buffalo's Most Modern Flower Shop

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THE ELMWOOD Flower Shop A . A. ER C KlillT & SON Phone, Bidwell 0948 976 ELMWOOD AVENUE GREENHOUS ES - - WI I. LlAMSVI LLE

and---'---in the (omm'ultilifS SHEA'S ELMWOOD Elmwood ar W. Utica SHEA'S ROOSEVELT S ~7 llroadway SHEA'S BAILEY Hailey Ave. at Ge nesee SL. SHEA'S SENECA Seneca St. at Cazenovia SHEA'S NORTH PARK Hertel Ave. at North Pa rk SHEA'S KENSINC;TON Bailey A\'e. at Kensington

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A CAR OF BRILLIA NT IlE A UTY POWERED WITH A IRPLAN E- TY I' E ENGINE FRANKLIN America's 1110sl M odern it4.otor Car OSTENDORF MOTOR CAR CORPORATION l 22 l- 1225 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y. Sple11did f/alueJ in. USED FR/INK l.INS



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