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What I love most about the Fourth of July is that it’s reminiscent of when I was a child. During my childhood, the Fourth was always patriotic, and it’s a little sad that today we don’t show our patriotism like we used to. This time of year, I think it’s important to celebrate our rights and freedoms we have as citizens of the United States and how we liberated this country nearly 250 years ago. I grew up in Ontario, California, which was and still is the home of the All States Picnic that takes place every year on July 4. This event started up around the end of World War I, and, to me, it exudes patriotism. The All States Picnic recognizes the different origins and lifestyles of people all across America by inviting people to Ontario for one of the largest picnics in the country. The picnic takes place on Euclid Street, which has a long strip of grass and eucalyptus trees that span about 10 miles. The picnic isn’t 10 miles long, but the area definitely has enough room for the hundreds of people that visit. Picnic tables are stretched out down the middle of this strip and are sectioned off by each state. My mother would cook chicken and prepare potato salad, and we’d sit in the California section to watch parades walk by on the road by the picnic area. There “What I love most about the Fourth of July is that it’s reminiscent of when I was a child.”

were times when my sister and I would walk along the picnic tables to watch and visit with people from other states. I also remember that my father, who is originally from Missouri, would always take us down to the Missouri section and talk with the people there. It was a really cool experience. Although I haven’t attended the event for years, I think I would like to visit again if I had the opportunity, even though I’m sure it’s very different from what I remember as a kid. Today, I celebrate the Fourth with my fiancée, who is the senior vice president of the Folsom Chamber of Commerce. I’m sure many of you have attended or

heard about Folsom’s Fourth of July rodeo, called Folsom Pro Rodeo, and my fiancée is one of the people in charge of putting it together every year. While she is a lot more involved in the process than I am, I’m always happy to help wherever I can to get things ready. I believe is ex-military, drops out of an airplane that flies over the arena. As he comes down, “The Star Spangled Banner” plays from the speakers, and he has an American flag attached to his leg with a weight at the end of it. He spirals down into the arena with the flag flapping out behind My favorite event of the rodeo happens at the very start. Every year, a skydiver, who

him, and on the ground there’s usually 30–40 people waiting to catch the flag and stretch it out while everyone cheers. It gives me goosebumps every time. While I celebrate the Fourth of July differently now than I did as a child, the significance of what this holiday represents stays the same. No matter how you celebrate the Fourth this year, I hope that all of you have a wonderful holiday. –Travis Black

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