TBTW: Relieving Neck Pain



If you have been part of our TBTW Family in the past 6 years, you know Blake! It’s hard to come to TBTWand NOT know Blake. Whether you remember Sara waddling around the clinic with a big old belly or seeing a half-naked boy dart through with only a diaper on, he is hard to miss. And now he started Kindergarten! I am sure many of you remember how it feels to pack up a little one and start them off on their first day at school. The mixture of emotions, ranging from excitement, to fear to “where did the time go?”. This year was our time. On that (hot) August morning… the one that seemed to come way too quick… Erik and I packed up our not-so-little Munchkin and headed off to Kindergarten. Blake was excited to find out that not only was he in the “Mickey Mouse Room” but his class was moved to the room right behind the playground. Obviously the best spot! Blake strutted into the room, hung

up his book bag and with a big, proud smile sat down at his desk. Daddy beamed and Mommy cried. His Godmother, Andie, came to support. We made sure he had all his supplies, took our pictures and gave him kisses. Before leaving, we turned at the school. We realized that life would never be the same. Our little boy was growing up. As I think about all the things that are coming to and end… the sleepless nights, the diaper changes, eating random small objects he finds on the floor… I will miss them. Then I think of what is to come… the baseball games, helping with homework, and his developing sense of humor… I am excited about what is to come! So please stop by and celebrate with us! (and bring some extra Kleenex!)

All the best, Sara Morrison


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