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O wners , D evelopers & M anagers By Lee Wasserman, LEW Corporation 5 million reasons why NJ is heading in the right direction

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he timeline of how The State of New Jersey we n t from under- e s t ima t i ng the problem, to setting the standard in Lead Abate- ment. J a n u - a r y 2 0 1 6 - Christie’s Veto and Con- troversial Comments In January of 2016 Christie made the controversial decision to not sign off on $10 million in supplemental funding for the Lead Hazard Control As- sistance Fund. ‘“First of all this has been an over-dramatized issue,” Christie told report- ers. While not “philosophically opposed” to increasing alloca- tions to the Lead Hazard fund, he said the money must be included in the regular budget process, not after the fact. “You cannot fund everything. So make some choices and I will certainly be willing to consider that along with everything else that comes about,” he said to the Democratic-led legislature.’ (NJSpotlight.com) April 2016 - Preventative Laws Are Proposed Assemblywomen Elizabeth Maher Muoio, D-Mercer, and L. Grace Spencer, D-Essex intro- T Lee Wasserman


duce new legislation that would require lead paint inspections during home sales and rental turnovers. Muoio said. “By mandating inspections on all home sales or rental turnovers, we can systematically remove this threat once and for all.” April 2016 - Lead Found in NJ Schools To everyone’s surprise, it turned out that the problem was much bigger than expect- ed. Many things came to into the spotlight, like clusters of schools found with dangerous levels of lead in their drinking water. Although several schools across the state were found to have lead, Newark Schools made a big splash. As more shocking discover- ies and statistics came out, it because clear that lead was a big issue in New Jersey. It was found that Lead exposure was worse in 11 NJ cities, than it was in Flint. May 2016 - Action is Taken Immediately Now armed with shocking information and a proven issue, Gov. Chris Christie decides to require all of the state’s public schools to test for lead in wa- ter starting next school year. Christie said that he will ask the Legislature for $10 million to pay for testing in about 3,000 schools starting in the fall.

June 2016 - More Laws are Proposed New Jersey Democratic As- semblywoman ElizabethMaher Muoio proposed legislation that would require all daycare centers to be tested for lead. She introduced the legislation alongside a proposal to require testing and remediation of lead in all public and private school water supplies. As the Assemblywoman continues to roll out proposed legislation, it is clear to see the momentum taking shape. June 2016 - Money is Allocated That brings us to the new- est development, Five Million Dollars has been allocated to Lead Abatement in two of NJ’s biggest cities. The funding will be used to remediate lead haz- ards in 150 low-income hous- ing units in Newark, and 145 in Trenton. Senators Robert Menendez and Cory Booker made the announcement on Monday the 13th. “Under no circumstance should New Jersey families be forced to jeopardize their health or the health of their children due to dangerous levels of lead in their homes,” Booker said in a statement. (NJ.com). LeeWasserman is president &CEO of LEWCorporation. n

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