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Two-phase, $138 million rehabilitation project will entail a total of 36 historic buildings Crystal Windows supplies 1,600 windows used in first Phase of Randolph Houses rehab project F

The noteworthy rehabilita- tion aspects of the Randolph Houses project were the topic of a presentation seminar and panel discussion held before a packed house in April 2016 at the New York City’s Ameri- can Institute of Architects (AIA) Center for Architecture. Over 70 architects attended the event which was co-spon- sored by Crystal Windows. “Crystal is proud to be part of this remarkable project, preserving part of New York City’s architectural history at the same time providing new modern energy efficient windows,” said Steve Chen ,

Crystal chief operating officer. “While challenges were abun- dant throughout this project, Crystal’s capabilities and expe- rience working with architects to bring their designs to life made the fenestration aspect of this effort a great success.” The developer for the Ran- dolph Houses restoration is Boston-based Trinity Finan- cial . SLCE Architects of New York, NY was the lead architec- ture firm for the project, and Mega Contracting Group of Astoria, NY was the general contractor. Several subcontrac- tors were involved with the fen- estration replacement work. n

LUSHING, NY — Crys- tal Window & Door Systems ' proud tradition of supplying fenestration for historic landmark restoration projects continues with the completion of the first phase of a very unique Manhattan rehabilitation project. Work on 22 of the historic Randolph Houses 5-story attached nar- row tenement buildings, which included the installation of 1,600 Crystal Series 6000 and 2000A aluminum windows, was recently completed. Built over 115 years ago, Randolph Houses are part of the New York City Housing Author- ity (NYCHA) system and are classic representations of New York City's 19th Century urban tenement building ar- chitectural heritage. The Randolph Houses are located on West 114th St. between Frederick Douglass Blvd. and Adam Clayton Pow- ell Jr. Blvd. in the Central Harlem section of Manhattan. The massive two-phase, $138 million rehabilitation project will entail a total of 36 historic buildings on both the north and south sides of the street. Undertaken in response to the deterioration of the build- ings and the prevalence of crime and drugs on the block, the restoration is the largest such public-private housing partnership in the nation as the private developers’ efforts will result in several hundred new public housing apartments and private affordable housing rental units. The effort is wide- ly seen as a great leap forward for a block that had fallen far behind the current renaissance of Harlem by bringing the apartments up to 21st Century standards, while maintaining the historic streetscape. The project involves incred- ibly imaginative architectural design and construction prac- tices, which from the outside retained the look of separate buildings but connected the buildings’ interiors. The gut rehabilitation maintained the buildings’ front exterior fa- çades and fire escapes, and other key components such as 5-story central staircases and between-buildings light/venti- lation shafts. On the interiors, connecting hallways were made by piercing common walls be- tween the individual buildings, elevators were added and in- novative floor plans developed, all to create modern functional apartment building complexes.

Randolph Houses

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