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equity environmental engineering is a professional engineering and planning and environmental consulting firm recognized in the industry for our professional expertise and commitment to client service. With a focus on engineering services, environmental planning, and project management, we bring knowledge, expertise and multi-disciplinary capabilities to serve our private and public clients. Our staff of engineers, scientists and planners offer innovative and economical services and maintains state-of-the-art technology to meet client needs on projects of all sizes. Environmental

DPCC/SPCC Plans & Certification

Working together to design solutions


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Residential Development Environmental Consulting Services • Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP)

Professional Engineers in AL, DE, NJ, NY, and PA

NJ Subsurface Evaluators

Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) Site Characterization and Remediation Stream Encroachment

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Project and Construction Management

Planning and Management •

Due Diligence – Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Clients •


Property Condition Assessments


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Federal, State and County Governmental Agencies

Environmental Assessment Statements (NEPA, NY SEQR and CEQR)

Private Residential

• • • • •

Consultants Attorneys Architects

Land Use Planning/Zoning

Noise & Traffic Studies Wetlands delineation, mapping, and permitting NJ Professional Planner

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Banks/Insurance C i

500 International Drive Suite 150 Mt. Olive, NJ 07828 Phone: 973.527.7451 Fax: 973.858.0280 info@equityenvironment al.com 500 International rive Suite 150 Mt. Olive, NJ 07828 Phone: 973.527.7451 Fax: 973.858.0280 info@equityenvironmental.com

Engineering Services •

Remedial Design

Construction Plans and Specifications Vapor Mitigation Design

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