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B rokerage D irectory By Matthew Dorman, NAI Summit No need to venture far from the Lehigh Valley


emember paying some- thing like $1.29 for a gallon of unleaded?

ingly attractive. Even if your morning commute includes some Route 22 road rage and

been a better fit. What do we mean by the “Renaissance”? The term means, “Rebirth,”

now-slumbering former textile mills of Allentown, and the silent canals of Easton that brought coal into the Valley to fire those industries. Yet, unlike other urban ar- eas (Detroit, St. Louis) that al- lowed their industrial centers to decay, the Lehigh Valley is managing to retool much of the older industrial sites into usable, attractive commercial centers. Examples pop up ev- erywhere. One notable example is the closing of Bethlehem Steel which provided us with the fuel to revitalize the south side of Bethlehem which now

uses the site for cultural, recreational, educational and retail purposes. SteelStacks has been completely developed to include a contemporary per- forming arts center, the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem, a gambling emporium, and PBS39, a community-owned public television station. The area also includes three out- door music venues – Levitt Pavilion, a free music venue featuring lawn seating for up to 2,500 people, Air Products Town Square at Steelstacks, and PNC Plaza, which hosts concerts featuring well-known artists. Levitt Pavilion and the Sands Casino Resort are con- nected via the Hoover-Mason Trestle linear park. In addition, Lehigh Val- ley housing has not grown exponentially into its rural hinterlands the way other urban areas (Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix) have done. Take a look at the building going on – you’ll notice over 55 residen- tial developments on the sites of former supermarkets and parking lots, and upscale pro- fessional condominiums being built in downtown Allentown as well as those former factory buildings in Easton. Sure, land that once was farmed here in the Valley is still being devel- oped and built on. But the Le- high Valley grew so that three formerly distinct cities now constitute a single corridor. Here, you can still drive to a farm in ten minutes. Route 22 traffic notwith- standing, people realize that living and working here in the Lehigh Valley is viable, and not only that, desirable. With an abundant amount of area amenities, you can see why the Lehigh Valley is one the fastest growing regions of Pennsylvania. Another huge benefit of living here are how close we are to other major cities, beaches and attractions. With proper planning into the future, higher gas prices will not have as much impact since everything you want and need will be right here within reach. Matthew Dorman in vice president at NAI Summit. Matt is responsible for the acquisition and disposition of real estate for his cli- ents as well as Tenant and Landlord representation. Matt has over 14+ years of commercial real estate ex- perience in brokerage, con- struction, development, and investment sales. n

Yes , those w e r e t h e l o n g g o n e days of, well, early 2000s. N o w t h a t you’re pay- ing roughly double that, you’re prob-

“Living and working here in the Lehigh Valley is viable, and not only that, desirable. With an abundant amount of area amenities, you can see why the Lehigh Valley is one the fastest growing regions of Pennsylvania.”

bridge construction delays, it never really takes more than twenty minutes to get where you’re going. And because of our cities downtown revital- izations, great places to go are even closer than you think. The newest hotel in Al- lentown name couldn’t have

or, to put it another way – it’s out with the old, and in with the new. For example, Beth- lehem Steel was part of the lifeblood of the local economy for decades, and to be sure, it was a sad day when the blast furnaces along the Lehigh went cold. Likewise for the

Matt Dorman

ably thanking your good for- tune to be living in the Lehigh Valley. Our home is experi- encing a transformation of its landscape; living and working here continues to be increas-

We got it covered. Relax.

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