CCS Connections Spring 2021


CCS Fine Arts Presents Our Town

On November 6 & 7, the Fine Arts Department of Cambridge Christian School presented the great American play, OUR TOWN, by Thornton Wilder. In addition to the audience who saw the play “in person”, more than 1,000 people viewed it online. It is a timeless play; simple but profound and full of genuine sentiment. With two ladders, a few pieces of furniture, and a minimum of props, our young actors were challenged to show us value in the smallest events of life. In addition to the simplicity of the set, we chose to perform this meaningful play, during the complicated year of 2020, for several reasons. Practically speaking, it required a smaller cast, making social distancing easier. We rehearsed with masks, grateful to just be on stage again, until the actual dress rehearsal and performances. But also, this play gave the students and the audience a window to view the importance and value of everyday life and love and eternity, to take a fresh look at the blessings in this world, the simple things we so often take for granted. Joy Hotchkiss is a senior and has been part of the Drama program since middle school. She said, “The plays have helped me to form amazing relationships with my classmates, and have really given me a place where I feel that I belong. My final play, OUR TOWN, was particularly special because, even in the midst of a world pandemic, the cast was able to come together to portray the beautiful message of life and love.” Our objective in the Drama Department of Cambridge, is always to perform for “an audience of One”, our Lord and Savior,

Jesus Christ. This year we were especially grateful to have that opportunity during a difficult season, allowing our students to share their gifts in this beautiful and poignant production.

CCS Drama Teacher, Theresa Vath Spring 2021 - Connections | 11

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