CCS Connections Spring 2021


Social-Emotional Learning Community, Connections and Relationships at Cambridge Christian School

By Lower School Assistant Principal and HBI Coordinator, Dr. Cara Lile

C ambridge Christian School is committed to teaching the whole child academically, emotionally and spiritually. Without a commitment to a student’s emotional growth, the benefits of academics are diminished. Our teachers help our students be successful in the classroomand in life by incorporating relational skills and a strong emphasis on personal accountability into their daily curriculum. Social-Emotional Learning(SEL)emphasizes

establish positive relationships, andmake responsible decisions.” CASEL’s framework identifies five core competencies: Self- Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision-making. Research supports that Social-Emotional Learning is key to successful student performance. At Cambridge, teachers infuse these skills throughout the curriculum to enrich

learning experiences for students. Teachers work to promote social and emotional development for all students by teaching and modeling social and emotional

the importance of community, connections, and relationships. With Social-Emotional Learning as the foundation of the classroom, teachers and students tend to feel more connected, which

skills, creating opportunities for students to practice those skills, and giving students opportunities to apply these skills in various situations. Community, connections, and

allows everyone to feel safe and secure before diving into academics. Thisdoesn’tmean that academics are deprioritized, it simply means that Social- Emotional Learning must be a part of theacademic learningplan. The Col laborat i ve for

relationships are the foundation of Cambridge, a commitment that doesn’t deprioritize content expertise, methodology, and pedagogy. Supporting students emotionally and preparing them for college and life is integral to our teaching philosophy and is the heartbeat of classrooms at Cambridge.

Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) , defines Social- Emotional Learning as “how children andadults learn tounderstandandmanage emotions, set goals, showempathy for others,

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