CCS Connections Spring 2021

What’s next? Jeremy is currently part of the team building a third and largest theme park in Orlando called Epic Universe. As a producer, Jeremy is the conduit to put the team together. He brings the creative, financial and time management people together to help tell the story. “Working on billion-dollar projects is really

very similar to working on Mr. Hickinbotham’s project, just on a much grander scale.”

His faith was also impacted from the CCS experience. “I really appreciated that Mr. Grabill’s class was less preachy than I expected. It was presented like an invitation to learn more about my faith and reflect on my life and allowed me to grow on my own path. The core principles of how you treat others, take care of your neighbor and be respectful of others who don’t believe how you do really helped me in my professional environment as well. Taking care of people is something I felt and learned at Cambridge Christian School.” Myname is

the world. It would

exist within Harry Potter and be named Hagrid’s Magical Creatures. JK Rowling approved this “story- coaster,” and he went on to win his second THEA award for his team’s work. We asked Jeremy what skills were most important to his success. The answer may surprise you. “College was great to get skills, but relational skills and perseverance are most important. I feel so lucky that my parents sent me to Cambridge. The smaller school really allowed me to know everyone, know the staff, and be a part of everything. I was always exposed to different areas of interest and encouraged to develop skills and get out of my comfort zone. The CCS environment helped me be more relational, outgoing and grow personally.”

When working on

a theme

park project,

every detail is managed, down to the path the guests walk through to get on a ride. His hard work and attention to detail did not go unnoticed. The Themed Entertainment Association gives out THEA awards, recognizing the top projects in the industry. Jeremy’s work at Warner Brothers World won this coveted award. Shortly after, Universal invited him to be a producer, so he came back to Orlando to work on adding the largest roller coaster in Spring 2021 - Connections | 9

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