Overview of Sage Banking

Reve r s e Tr an s a c t i on s

If you find you have made a bank entry in error (i.e. duplicate or to the wrong bank code) you go to reverse transactions to reverse the bank entry. The entry should not be cleared in reconcile statements prior to reversal

1. Bank Code: the bank code account with the activity

2. Bank Description: Will auto populate

3. Source Application: Bank Services 4. Reverse Document: Bank Entry Type: Withdrawal/Deposit – the way it was posted 5. Reason for Reversal: duplicate/entered to the wrong bank code 6. Bank Entry Number: Click on finder to see your selectable options (if what you are looking for is not there, double check to make sure the item has not been cleared in reconcile statement – you may need to unclear – it will not show up in this screen if cleared) 7. Bank Entry Date will auto populated 8. Reversal Date: Should be the same as bank entry date if reversing within the same period.


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