Overview of Sage Banking

BA I Impo r t

The BAI import takes the BAI file you have downloaded from Wells Fargo and separates the activity into 3 to 4 parts. (This can be used instead of the manual services - #2 Transfers and #3 Bank Entries.) 1. Transfers – Activity occurring between two Sage Banks. When you click on Post Transfers: the activity will post in Sage 2. Bank Entries – Activity occurring in only one bank and possibly needs to recorded. Review is required for accuracy. Sometimes the description should be changed for the better. Example ADP activity: ADP Wages PPE Wk#, ADP Taxes PPE Wk#, ADP Garnishments PPE Wk#, ADP 401K PPE Wk#. When you click on Post Entries: the activity will post in Sage 3. Checks – Check activity that has cleared the bank. When you click on Reconcile Checks: the activity will be cleared in Sage Reconcile Statements. 4. NA – No action was taken with the activity due to BAI requirements – example: IJ deposit activity: this activity is already recorded via IJ import so this activity does not need a bank entry, it just needs to be manually cleared in the Sage Reconcile Statements module. ***This module does not come standard in Sage. If you do not already see it on the Bank Transactions screen, you will need to add it. (Configuration instructions follow this section.) 12

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