Overview of Sage Banking

Ban k En t r y M a n u a l E n t r y

1. Entry number will auto populate 2. Entry Description: Bank Description. Sometimes the description should be changed for the better. Example ADP activity: ADP Wages PPE Wk#, ADP Taxes PPE Wk#, ADP Garnishments PPE Wk#, ADP 401K PPE Wk#. 3. Bank Code: the bank code account with the activity

4. Bank Entry Type: Withdrawal/Deposit • Withdrawal = Bank Debit = GL Credit • Deposit = Bank Credit = GL Debit 5. Bank Entry Date: Bank activity Date

6. G/L Account: Select the GL Account to be impacted by the bank activity. Example: ADP Wages: #####-020-21000085

7. Amount = Deposit/Withdrawal Amount 8. Reference: Bank Reference


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