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Understanding Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance

A personal umbrella liability policy is a broad form of liability coverage that protects you against large losses, or losses not covered by basic personal liability insurance. Issued with higher liability limits than basic liability coverage (a $1 million limit is common), an umbrella policy can be purchased as a stand-alone policy. More commonly, however, it is added using a rider to an existing homeowners or automobile insurance policy. If the insured is found legally responsible for injuring someone or for damaging property, then the umbrella policy will pay either that part of the claim in excess of the liability limits of the insured’s basic liability coverage or for certain losses not covered by basic personal liability insurance, including personal injury and unusual occurrences, up to the limits of the umbrella liability policy. WHAT’S COVERED? A typical umbrella liability policy provides the following protection, up to the coverage limits specified in the policy:   Protection for claims of bodily injuries or property damage caused by you, members of your household, or hazards on your property, for which you are found legally liable   Personal liability coverage for incidents that occur on or off your property   Additional protection above your basic auto policy for auto-related liabilities   Protection against non-business-related personal injury claims, such as slander, libel, wrongful eviction, and false arrest   Legal defense costs for a covered loss, including lawyers’ fees and associated court costs WHAT’S NOT COVERED? Umbrella liability insurance typically provides extremely broad coverage. Furthermore, if something is not expressly excluded from coverage, it is covered. Exclusions vary from one insurer to another and from one

policy to another, but the following are some items typically excluded from coverage:   Intentional damage caused by you or a member of your family or household   Damages arising out of business or professional pursuits   Liability that you accept under the terms of a contract or agreement

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