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In her book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” Marie Kondo gave us a transformative method for decluttering our homes. Based on feng shui principles and Kondo’s own study of organization, the KonMari Method has led thousands of devotees to new heights of tidiness. Kondo instructs participants to assess each of their possessions, item by item, category by category, and then dispose of those that do not provide joy. It’s touted as a simple, though not easy, guide to long-term organization. What would happen if this approach were applied to your calendar? Entrepreneur Christina Wallace calls her 10-month experiment in doing so an “unqualified success.” Most of us could benefit from trimming our jampacked schedules. Those various calendars synced to our phone, each emitting noisy reminders about the upcoming hour’s plans, aren’t exactly harbingers of harmony. Get a jump-start on your organization resolution by applying the KonMari Method to your calendar. Step 1: Assess First, envision the life you want to lead. Next, assess all the items listed on your calendar within a two-month period. Organize each commitment according to categories — social, work-related, doctor’s appointments, etc. Be thorough. Including each commitment, no matter how minor, is the key to this process. Step 2: Joy Test Do these commitments bring you joy? Are they part of your ideal life? When you look at “Lunch date Testimonials “I was involved in a lawsuit with a prominent supermarket chain. As I was in this grocery store to purchase needed items, I took a serious fall. I was injured to the point that I needed medical care. I took my case to Lawyer Underwood and he did an excellent job. In all needs of my care, he was courteous, hardworking, and determined to see that I was treated fairly. I am happy to say that with his hard work, my case was won. I would highly recommend that anyone who needs an attorney utilize Mr. Underwood for any legal needs.” –W.T. Is Your Calendar Chronically Crammed? TRY THIS MUST-DO RESOLUTION

with Margot” from last week, are you reminded of her unfriendly comments about your waiter and her negative attitude toward your renovation ideas? Consider each commitment and its impact on your joy. Of course, not all commitments will live up to the joy standard. You may not love your annual check-up, but it is important for your health. When you encounter non-negotiable items like these, consider the long-term impact they have on your well- being. Step 3: Discard Put an end to commitments that are not bringing you joy. This might mean having tough conversations with clients or friends. No one said the KonMari Method is easy. Decluttering entails getting rid of items that do not pass the joy test. Step 4: Apply! Follow through. Cancel commitments and long-standing obligations that are not benefiting your life. Have the difficult conversation. Apply the joy test as new commitments come up. By considering each commitment and its impact on your life, you will make room for those that bring you joy. To read more about the KonMari Method, check out Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and its companion book, “Spark Joy.”

“To anyone who is really looking for an awesome workers’ comp lawyer, William “Trey” Underwood is the man for you! Even though I gave him a hard time at times, he was still professional and understanding to all my needs and concerns. Things were so great and he really understood my situation. This has truly been an experience that I will never forget. Thank you for getting an amount that I am very grateful for. This will not go in vain! Thanks again, Mr. Underwood, for just being there!” –L.M.

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