MMS Endodontics August September 2018

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August/ September 2018

Designing MMS

within the first impression that’s made on patients or customers, conveying a certain impression through the space the business occupies.

This is a conversation I had with the doctors at MMS. I’ve known the doctors for some time and I know what makes them unique. Using that insight, I was able to transform the offices into something that captured who they are while being an inviting place for patients.

When you walk into a home or business, the interior design of the entry roomoften catches your eye. It makes a first impression. It speaks to you—and depending on the design, it will say different things. It may capture your imagination. It may welcome you. It may relax you. Or it may push you away.

To do that, I picked materials that were resilient and hygienic. The design wove together a natural look with industrial components. As you walk through the offices, you’ll find iron, steel, concrete, and wood. It’s sophisticated and intelligent with a bit of an edge to it.

A lot of patients aren’t used to a dental office looking like this. Most of us expect beige or pastels, or an outdated look. There are many dental and medical offices that aren’t inviting in any sense of the word. They simply exist. The doctors at MMS didn’t want that kind of space.

One of my goals as an interior designer is to welcome. When I designed the interiors of the MMS offices in Morgantown and Uniontown, that’s what was on my mind.

When someone visits an endodontic specialist, they’re often uncomfortable or in pain. It can be stressful. That was something I kept inmind when I designed the MMS offices. I wanted a space that would help alleviate some of that stress, which was not an easy task.

I’m Sarah McBride, the founder of Reclaim Design in Morgantown, and the wife of Dr. Kent McBride. The MMS team brought me on to reinvent their offices and create a new space to welcome patients. As a designer, I do a mix of residential and commercial design. I’ve worked with dental practices and other offices in the medical field. When I work with these businesses, I first establish what the business’s needs are. I look at their mission and core values and have a conversation with them about who they are.

But that’s why I pursued a career in interior design. It’s challenging. It’s problem-solving. I crave the ability to think outside the box and work with different people to create something totally unique — and something that captures who they are. It’s very much a team effort that requires a lot of communication and collaboration. Without collaboration, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do!

–Sarah McBride


Based on this conversation, I translate who they are into a design that will help define the look of their business. I want to encapsulate these ideas

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