Dun & Bradstreet India’s Leading BFSI Companies 2017

Resource mobilisation through preferential allotment jumps 76.6% In FY16, the number of preferential issues decreased to 333 from 419 a year ago. However, the quantum of resources mobilised through this mode jumped from ` 282.6 bn in FY15 to ` 499.2 bn, which translates to a sharp 76.6% rise. Resource mobilisation through QIP halves in FY16 In FY16, the resource mobilisation through the qualified institutional placement (QIP) mode halved as compared to the preceding year. Corporates raised ` 145.9 bn via 24 issues in FY16, as against ` 291 bn raised via 51 issues in FY15. Public sector accounts for 53.5% of resource mobilisation in FY16 As per data furnished by SEBI, there were 11 public sector issues and 97 private sector issues in the primary market in FY16, as against three public sector issues and 85 private sector issues in FY15. However, although the number of issues of the public sector is significantly smaller, its share in funds raised was as high as 53.5% during the year. This was significantly higher than its 12.7% share in FY15. During the year, the resources mobilised by the public sector increased multi-fold from ` 24.5 bn in FY15 to a much higher ` 311 bn in FY16.

Sector-wise Resource Mobilisation (%)

Source: SEBI, Dun & Bradstreet Research

Banks/FIs/finance sector’s share in resource mobilisation contracts Industry-wise classification for FY16 showed that the banks/FIs/finance sector retained a lion’s share in the overall resource mobilisation for equities. The funds raised by the sector increased from ` 106.4 bn in FY15 to ` 189.9 bn in FY16, reflecting a handsome 78.4% growth. However, the sector’s share in overall resource mobilisation contracted from 55.4% in FY15 to 32.6% in FY16. There were a few sectors which raised little to zero funds in FY15 that raised a substantial quantum of funds in FY16. The most noteworthy among these were the automobile sector which raised ` 79.1 bn (13.6% share), the health & pharmaceutical sector which raised ` 40.5 bn (7%) the aviation sector which raised ` 30.1 bn (5.2%) and the power sector which raised ` 21 bn (3.6%).


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