Dun & Bradstreet India’s Leading BFSI Companies 2017

India’s Leading BFSI Companies 2017

The sun never sets on New India Assurance, as it has a presence in 28 countries across the globe, and one or the other office works throughout the day 1. It is the First Indian insurer to commence its overseas operations from its 2nd year of operation in 1920, when telegraph was the fastest mode of communication; New India opened branches in London and in New York 2. New India is the First Indian insurer to insure domestic airlines (in 1946); aviation insurance was a business New India entered in the 1920s, and when JRD Tata embarked on his solo flight carrying mail from Karachi to Bombay in a Puss Moth in 1932, New India had insured his plane 3. The First Indian satellite was insured by New India (in 1981); India has launched 75 satellites until now, and one name that has been associated with the Indian space programme throughout has been New India; it is the pioneer of Satellite Insurance in India and continues to be the leader 4. New India was the First Indian insurer with health insurance policies even in the 1950s and early 1960s, and had a strong Corporate Group Health Insurance portfolio! Two decades later, New India’s Group Mediclaim policy for Citibank credit card holders was a popular and much copied group scheme in the 1980s 5. New India was the First to enter the General Insurance business in Jammu and Kashmir in 1931, by insuring a new palace built by Maharaja Hari Singh of Jammu and Kashmir opposite the Dal Lake in Srinagar for a premium of ` 1.5 lakh at that time 6. The First logo of New India depicted the political boundary of the entire Indian Subcontinent as the country was in 1919. New India’s logo itself has mirrored the map of India from its initial days; the logos changed with the nation, reflecting the aspirations of New India at every step in its progress Interesting facts about the New India Assurance Company Limited and the General Insurance industry in India

7. First to handle Hull Insurance of the Indian shipping fleet

8. First Indian insurer to set up an Engineering Insurance department in India


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