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It’s said that you can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. Coming up on five years as a law firm, these words ring truer than ever. Taking a moment to look back at where we’ve been and where we are today is an opportunity to appreciate and observe the strides we’ve made, the lessons we’ve learned, and the firm we’ve built. The Button Law Firm started out as a two-person operation out of a single-office space in Dallas. I shared the office with my paralegal, and our desks were so close in the small room that we were almost back to back. We operated out of there for a few years until we moved into our coworking space through the great folks at Common Desk. It was a small office, but it had just what we needed, including conference rooms we could use for meetings. Last year, we moved into our current space on Lovers Lane in the Love Field neighborhood of Dallas. It’s hard to express how amazing it is to have a space all our own that we can fully customize with BLF stories and successes. We’ve built it to fit our needs and those of our clients. We’ve created a quiet, peaceful office that’s BLF-centered and celebrates the successes of our teams and our clients. What was once a firm made up of entirely me and one paralegal is now a full team of six bright, skilled individuals. We have a leadership team made up of people who’ve been here and earned their role as leaders. Ashley, Rosie, and I have been working together since we started our growth as a team over two years ago. Without these two amazing leaders, we would not be where we are at today. Our team is continuing to grow, and each person we’ve brought in adds so much to our vision. I’m looking forward to not only adding new team members in the coming years but also to continuing to develop the people we already have. When we were starting out, I said yes to any case that came through our door. I didn’t know what to say no to, and we lost a lot of money on cases I didn’t yet know weren’t cases. Today, we’ve defined our practice. We have a specific mindset geared toward the cases we Glancing Back and Gazing Forward 5 YEARS OF BLF

handle, like our focus on daycare injury cases. Our work is about quality over quantity. With the cases we say yes to, we work on them every day. It’s been an evolution of defining our vision. We went from knowing we wanted to be a law firm to having a defined vision of what we want to achieve as individuals, as a team, and as part of the community. We do our best to carry it out every day. Rather than saying yes to everything, I’ve learned how to choose the few things we say yes to and give them our all. Through each step of our journey, there are lessons to be learned and something to be taken from even the hardest-hitting loss. We’ve had some tough cases that felt crushing at the time. We’ve also had some major successes over the years. We celebrate and enjoy our win for that day, taking time to congratulate one another on all the work involved in leading to that moment. Then we look at what we did well, what we could have done better, and what we want to take away from that experience. You can’t rest on your success. You can’t let yourself get too high on big wins, and you can’t get too low on the things that don’t go according to plan. As the owner and leader of our firm, a big takeaway from the last five years has been how important the journey is compared to the destination. On this journey, I’ve learned so much about growing a team and bringing in people who share the firm’s vision. I’ve learned how to share responsibilities and train. I’ve learned, in essence, how to be a leader. It’s been an amazing journey so far, and I know it’s only going to get better. I can’t wait.

Thanks for being part of our first five years. Here’s to the next five.

–Russell Button




It’s a pretty awesome feeling when our core values spill over into things we do outside of work. That’s exactly the case with Ashley’s involvement with the Houston Trial Lawyers Association (HTLA). Ashley got involved thanks to our colleague and friend Toby Cole, and since joining, she’s become a respected member and valued voice within the organization. Guiding the next generation of leaders is something Ashley is passionate about, and through her involvement with the HTLA, she’s living out our firm’s core values and her own passions. During a planning session for the HTLA last year, she brought up an idea that will provide mentorship and support to attorneys who are just starting out. “Toby invited me to a long-range planning retreat for the HTLA. The idea was to have the most involved people bring in some of the newer members to incorporate a different perspective,” Ashley explains. The blended group of newer and seasoned members came together and spent the day brainstorming and planning for the organizations three-year plan. During the session, Ashley and a few other members proposed an ambassador program that would serve as onboarding and support for new HTLA members, and the group quickly acknowledged the immense value in such a program. Ashley describes how it will work, “The program will be a liaison between new members and existing members.” Joining members will opt in and be paired with an existing member who will help them connect to opportunities like the HTLA’s Women’s Caucus and group happy hours. This month, I want to dedicate this space to someone who has contributed so much to my life and to my family. Danny Lee has worked for my parents’ company for many years, and in this time, he’s become not only a loyal friend to all of us but also part of our family. Danny is a leader not because someone says he is, but because he’s earned that status. He jumps in to learn whatever is necessary to bring the skills that are needed to the company. He’s trained as an information technology specialist, but when my parents needed a designer, he took classes, studied, and worked his way into the role. Whatever is needed, he is willing to learn how. He’s been there for my family through it all. When my dad was in the hospital, Danny was there. He brought us food, he answered my dad’s cellphone, and he made sure customers got the answers they needed. He has never wavered in being there for us. At BLF, Danny was there throughout the building process and heads up our IT. He’s also been an advocate of our firm, referring cases to us when someone close to him was injured. We are so grateful for his support and for thinking of us in those situations. Danny Lee Defines What It Means to Be a Leader

In a 2,000-person organization, having that type of support available for members is crucial, and it didn’t exist before. Ashley hopes to see the program up and running by March. In the process of collaborating on the ambassador program, Ashley’s colleagues noticed her dedication and leadership skills, so it’s absolutely fitting that they nominated, then elected, Ashley to HTLA’s Board of Directors for 2020.

As Ashley confirms of her role, “It’s a very great honor. I’m looking forward to getting more involved and having a voice. I’m excited to have this platform to speak from and voice what I think the organization needs.” We’re excited for this amazing attorney and role model to begin her leadership role and kick off the ambassador program. Through her involvement, she’s making a difference, believing in better, and being a facilitator of education, and we’re so excited to watch her journey through the coming year.


Our family with Danny and his wife, Maiyer Lor, at a Mavericks game

When I think about someone who shows up early, stays late, and goes above and beyond to learn something new, that’s Danny.

Danny recently married an amazing woman, Maiyer Lor, and the two are excited to embark on this next adventure and start a family of their own. We wish a lifetime of happiness to these two.

From me, my family, and our entire firm, thank you, Danny, for everything you do for us. I’m so glad you’re in our lives!



4 COMMON CAUSES OF DAYCARE INJURIES What Our Dallas Daycare Abuse and Negligence Lawyers See

While each daycare injury is unique, there are a few recurring themes our team has observed as far as what causes injury. Here are four of the most common. 1. POORLY MAINTAINED EQUIPMENT When a daycare facility does not have systems in place to properly monitor, inspect, fix, or replace its equipment, it is only a matter of time before a daycare injury to one or more children will occur. 2. UNSAFE EQUIPMENT FOR A CHILD’S AGE An often forgotten aspect of daycare safety is ensuring toys are matched to the ages of the kids using them. As parents, we all

at daycare facilities. The ratios are outlined by age. For example, younger kids need more attention and supervision. So, there is a smaller ratio for 4-year-olds than for 10-year-olds. Daycare facilities with any number of children with special needs must account for that proper ratio as well. 4. UNQUALIFIED EMPLOYEES The last common cause of daycare injuries is the one we hear about on the news all the time: unqualified employees. Mainly we hear about these in the context of a sexual predator or sex offender who was not discovered. This is an obvious violation of being a qualified employee. Even if the employee doesn’t have crimes or charges on their record, the daycare facility must take into account every complaint and investigate. These must be investigated seriously. We have seen certain complaints not be investigated only to lead to further issues down the road. WHAT DO YOU DO IF YOUR CHILD IS INJURED? If you become aware of an injury involving your child, then seek immediate medical treatment. Next, make a report with the daycare facility. Depending on what happened and how the daycare facility responds to your complaint, you should call the police. You want every complaint properly investigated. If your child has been injured while at daycare due to negligence or abuse, download our FREE guide for parents, “A Five Step Guide For Parents Dealing With A Daycare Injury” at ButtonLawFirm.com/reports.

know that certain toys are okay for kids of certain ages, while other toys may not be. Since a daycare facility is an extension of you, they must take into consideration the age of the child when deciding what toys to stock their facility with. 3. UNSUPERVISED KIDS Mainly, we see kids left unsupervised when there is a large play area that extends around the building. The next phase of a lack in supervision comes when there is a teacher monitoring too many kids in their group. Texas has outlined specific requirements for maximum teacher-to-kid ratios


Amy and I at my parents’ lakehouse for Christmas

Natalia at her graduation with her husband

Natalia at her graduation




4315 W. Lovers Lane, Suite A Dallas, Texas 75209

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Ashley’s Inspiring Work With the HTLA

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The 4 Common Causes of Daycare Injuries

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Tourist Days in Dallas

How Toby Cole Helped Us See Our Hometown Through Fresh Eyes As we shared with you last month, our colleague and good friend Toby Cole is a source of inspiration for us. When he told us about a family tradition he started called Tourist Days, he introduced us to another example of his commitment to adding joy to the lives of those around him. For Toby, Tourist Days are a chance to see his hometown of Houston through fresh eyes. Once a month, Toby and his family plan a day that a visitor to Houston might enjoy, with activities like museum tours, restaurants they’ve never been to, or sporting events they’ve never attended. TOURIST DAYS

Tourists in our own town at “A Christmas Carol”

Cheering on the Cowboys!

Russell says of cheering on Dallas. “I like watching football on TV, but it’s a lot more fun to watch live. I can’t remember the last time I went to a Cowboys game.” In January, Russell and Amy joined other Dallas tourists for a staycation on Lake Grapevine. “We did all the touristy things, like going to the ice park,” Russell describes. As for the rest of 2020? “A big one for this year is going to the Dallas Arboretum,” Russell says.

We all get stuck in the same routines, but Tourist Days encourage you to shake things up and get out of your comfort zone.

Inspired by Toby, Russell Button has set out on his own monthly Tourist Day. The experience so far has been eye-opening — and a whole lot of fun. Over the holidays, Russell and his family went to the Dallas Theater and saw “A Christmas Carol.” Russell says, “I had a blast. I already can’t wait to see the next play.” For Christmas, Russell’s girlfriend, Amy, surprised him with tickets to a Cowboys game. “That was really cool,”

As Russell says about his Tourist Days so far, “I didn’t realize how much I’d enjoy doing something outside of my routine. It’s recharged me.”

Inspired by Toby Cole, here’s to a year of adventure and exploring something new, right where you are!



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