The Newsletter Pro - October 2019


Everyone is looking for the easy button. “How do we scale this?” is a common concern; “How do we spend the least amount of money possible?” everyone asks. These are the wrong questions and the trappings of average entrepreneurship. If you want to be the best, you can’t simply copy your competitors. You have to do things that make you stand out from the pack, and direct mail is one of those things. It also has the added benefit of being very profitable when done correctly. I talk more about this concept in my Page 4 article about Taylor Swift’s marketing. Make sure you check it out. I want to make one last point. I hear this all the time from people who are simply misinformed. They say, “But I sell to millennials, and they don’t read direct mail,” or “I don’t like getting mail, so this doesn’t work,” etc. I’ll start with the latter. Who cares what you like or don’t like? It is unlikely that you are your target market, and, even if you are, your personal feelings about a form of media are irrelevant. I don’t love social media, but I’m happy to make money on it. I rarely buy anything from it, but, once in a blue moon, I still do. Just because it isn’t my preference to buy from Facebook ads doesn’t mean it isn’t yours. Currently, the generation that purchases the highest number of products from print catalogs is millennials — not baby boomers, not Gen X — it’s millennials … It may seem crazy, but they learn of a product in the catalog and go online and buy it. People trust direct mail far more than they trust online marketing or email marketing. Of course, that doesn’t mean those items don’t work; we all know they do when executed properly. But you may be overlooking the “new” disruptor of online marketing by not including direct mail in your bag of tricks.


Text “TNP” to 208.269.9111, and you’ll get to see firsthand how the marketing works. As an added bonus, I will send you a short document that details how we use this service and what technology we use to make it work, so you can shortcut the process of adding this lead-capture method into your own business. The reason direct mail is disrupting online marketing is because today, it takes many more touches to get someone to buy. As you know, we’re inundated with marketing messages all day, every day. You have much less competition in the mail than you do online, which means you can get more qualified eyeballs on your message, in many cases, via direct mail. Finally, it is working because so few people are doing it. In a world where going wide is the norm, the person who goes deep stands above the rest.

Let me share some examples. When I speak at an event, we’re doing offline marketing. At nearly all of my speaking engagements, I end with a lead- generation call to action with the reward of a free book. Participants get the free book by texting in. When they text in, we have an automated system that captures the person’s data and puts it directly into our CRM system. This allows us to get full contact details and instantly brings the customer from offline to online since one of the first pieces of data we capture is their email address. We also get a physical mailing address because I’m willing to spend $17 to mail out our “shock and awe” package for each person who fills out the form. By delivering high-value presentations and following up with text opt-in, we’re able to capture 70% of the audience members whom I speak to. It is, typically, much easier to see this in action than to just read about it.


P.S. If you’re looking to add direct mail, we can help. We obviously offer custom and semi-custom newsletters, but did you know we send hundreds of thousands of other pieces of direct mail as well? We can help with postcards, letters, and many other forms of media. We even publish a few magazines and catalogs for our clients. If you need help adding more media into your mix, call a Pro at 208.297.5700 or schedule a meeting by visiting




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