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Natural stone integrates perfectly with every type of property, regardless of style. Whether you dream of a modern terrace design or something more rustic that will complement your garden and surrounding landscape, your dreams can become reality with a beautiful, natural stone floor! It all depends on your choice of stone and installation technique. There are many reasons why natural stone terraces have remained a popular choice among homeowners for so long. First and foremost, stone is a robust material that requires very little maintenance. Forget about repainting or re-staining each year! Next, because every stone is unique, it’s very possible to create an original patio design that won’t go unnoticed. In fact, landscaping experts, as well as companies specialized in the manufacture of natural stone, can skilfully create real works of art. For

a sophisticated design, natural stone carved with a guillotine offers a clean- cut finish, while stone cut by hand is ideal for those more rustic projects. The installation of natural stone is in itself a creative process that requires exceptional attention to detail. Limestone, silica, slate and granite are all natural materials that enhance the beauty of your yard and increase your home’s overall market value. Available in a wide array of colours and textures, natural stone combines elegance and durability — two widely sought-after qualities for many homeowners.

Embellishing your deck, yard or garden with lighting involves more than simply lining your pathways and flowerbeds with light fixtures. Indeed, there are certain rules you should follow for your landscape lighting to effectively show off your property come sunset. First, let’s focus on safety. Your steps and pathways need to be clearly visible so that you can walk around with ease while staying out of harm’s way. Wall- mounted sconces and embedded ground lights are

of magic, play with the lighting and install your fixtures (lights, lanterns, projectors, etc.) at random. All it takes is a well-focused beam of light to create an illusion of depth and volume in any yard, big or small. Above all, it’s important to note that it isn’t necessary to illuminate the entire garden to create a warm atmosphere. An attractive yard that you’ll enjoy admiring from your patio or upstairs bedroom window is but the result of a careful blend of shadow and light.

Countless models of ground lights are available on the market to suit every style and budget.

extremely useful for lighting dark areas with style. Next, think about which elements of your landscape you would like to showcase. A beautiful plant that you’re particularly fond of? The entrance gate? The fountain? The statue? To add a bit

Whether you dream of a modern or rustic design, natural stone patios integrate beautifully with any type of property.

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Maple Advantage 2 1/4 Moka $3.10 sq.ft.

Approx. 6000 sq.ft. Porcelain 12 x 24 Approx. 10,000 sq.ft. Laminate 12 mm

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