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Byron Villager Issue #36 December 2018 Publisher and Editor Barb Botten Villager Publications P.O. Box 134, Lambeth Station Ontario N6P 1P9 519-282-7262 Graphic Artists Jon Botten Writers Lisa Brandt Ruth-Anne Calhoun To advertise: 519-282-7262 or We look foward to hearing from you!

Back in the day Dining room at the Cobblestone Inn which is now The Hermitage Club Commissioners Rd. Byron.

Looking at some of the iconic locations of Byron past and present

The Villager promotes a sense of community among the locals. The Villager magazines have the huge benefit of being targeted to the local community. We encourage a sense of community and locality that just isn’t present in national papers. Establishing a presence in a community magazine will have huge benefits for your business not only in terms of customers, but in terms of trust and reputation among the community. The Villager magazines are available to view on-line at and those who sign up at will receive an email notification (10x a year) when the latest issue is available Villager Publications thanks all candidates participating in the October elections. All who are campaigning in one of our “villages” were contacted about advertising opportunities.

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