Devastating fire in Riceville claims 54 cows "$56"- * 54  r  /&84 STÉPHANE FORTIER

cows and three grain silos,” said Fire Chief Tobias Hovey. “In total, we’re talking about damage that is estimated at $ 1 million.” One lone cow, Ninja, and two calves were spared. No fewer than 35 firefighters were on hand to battle the flames. As for the cause According to the Fire Department of the Nation municipality, the farm, which was more than 150 years old, is a total loss.

The ashes of the Church of St. Isidore were still warm in the evening of July 23 when, at around 8pm, firefighters in the area were called to fight amajor fire that completely ravaged the dairy farmRyandale in Ricev- ille. According to the Fire Department of the Nation municipality, the farm, which was more than 150 years old, is a total loss. “The farm is a complete loss and so are 54 dairy

The Ryandale farm in Riceville completely burned to the ground on July 23. -photo Guy Desjarlais


of the fire, it would still undetermined but Hovey believes the incident could be of an electrical matter. «This incident is all the more sad for us because this farmbelonged to one of our firefighters,” expressedHovey.

«Our thoughts are with them.” It was the second event of its kind in three years for the Ryan family that intends to rebuild the farm and livestock. A previous fire destroyed another barn on the property.

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Scoop your dog poop, please

This message is for all those people who have the privilege of walking their dogs along the old railway station trail in Bourget. It is a lovely walk, and families with children on their bikes, on foot, and in strollers, also enjoy this beautifully maintained trail. Unfortunately, the grass beside the trail is littered with dog poop, left behind by people who can’t be bothered to pick it up. I recently acquired a puppy that I frequentlywalk along this trail. It is disgusting to see what irresponsible dog owners are

doing to it. When I see someone not picking up their dog’s poop, they tell me they forgot their bags at home. So I give themone.They are not expensive. You can buy several rolls of bags at the dollar stores. I understand that renovations will soon begin on the old train station, and that it will become a tourist attraction for Bourget, bringing in some people, perhaps for the first time, andmaybe leading them to spend money at some of our local businesses. I have also heard a rumour that the trail may be closed to dogs due to the accumulation of filth these tourists would otherwise be forced to walk in. Come on, people! You knowwho you are. Please don’t jeopardize your own chance of losing the privilege of walking your dog on this trail. Do the responsible thing and pick up your dog’s poop!

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