ARCHIVE | Feb 2020 Micro Results

useful bidding tips BUYING at auction In advance of the auction, work out the top price you are prepared to pay for the property – it is very easy to be carried away in the excitement of the saleroom!

Make sure you obtain a bidding paddle and sit in a position where you can see the Auctioneer and, most importantly , where you can be seen.

The Auctioneer, as well as strategically placed spotters, will be scanning the room for bids. Last minute and unclear bids may not be seen.


The Auctioneer will call the successful bid three times and, if there are no further bids, the fall of the gavel will mean the property is sold .

Bid clearly holding the bidding paddle high above your head to attract the Auctioneer’s attention.

The Auctioneer has the right to regulate the sale and his word is final .

Feel free to call out to attract attention if you think your bid has been missed.

Do not be afraid to ask for guidance from us – we are here to help you. Happy Bidding!

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