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Salvation is the supreme gift of a loving Cod. Living the Christian life takes work! Ephesians 2:8 and 9, makes it clear that we cannot earn our salvation, but the Bible does teach that progress comes in the Christian life as we apply ourselves to the work at hand. Let me underscore this simple fact and make an application to daily living. Christ saves and strengthens the Christian, and the Holy Spirit ministers in a dozen ways, but we conveniently forget that we play a key role in our development. The Epistles are filled with commands to Christians describing problems that occur when discipline and diligence are absent. Christians at Corinth took their task lightly and paid the price in mediocrity and judgment from God. Paul consistently urges Christians to apply themselves that they might be like Christ. Philippians Chapter Four is one of many passages emphasiz­ ing this theme. Verse Five tells us to be reasonable and fair, or moderate as some translations have it. It takes the grace of Cod and the will of man to be reasonable and fair when others are not! Our "human" nature causes us to strike back when we are hurt. Paul's request is, indeed, a large order! From Verse One to the capstone of the passage in Verse Thirteen, Paul is urging us to apply ourselves that Cod's peace may be ours in the fullest sense. Verse Eleven is outstanding! Paul says he has "learned" to be con- Page 4


tent. It did not come naturally—we can all say amen to that. It came through the discipline of learning. Paul's use of the word "to learn" is a solid, aca­ demic term that comes from the Creek root that gives us our word, "mathe­ matics." There is a deliberate, active process involved here. In essence, it is saying we do not become the person Cod wants us to be by daydreaming, by accident, or by wishful thinking. Growth is apparent when we draw on the manifold resources of God in exercising our will and applying our abili­ ties to the task. What are the ramifications of this line of thinking? It can mean we are unwise to believe that we must study and gain experience to become an engineer, dentist, homemaker, or counselor; and expect to grow in the Christian life with mere ceremonial prayers and weekly visits to a church. We must realize the stunted Christian is largely responsible for his own shortcomings. With the Bible and the full ministries of God, the Christian has nobody to blame but himself for a mediocre life. Before we find fault in a pastor or teacher for not feeding us as fine a diet as we would like, we must squarely face our own lack of interest and inadequate application. It is natural to shift the blame for our problems— it is rarely justified! The person who always blames others, or his circumstances, for failures seldom achieves greatness in a vocation or in a walk with the Lord. Church, books, or classes can be a great benefit, but to produce results in our lives we must be active participants! Page 5

In our last visit together, we gave attention to a Christian woman's spiritual leadership. Recognizing that the problems which face our world today are basically spiritual, Christian women desire to be a dramatic source of solution to sit­ uations around them. But only God can enable us to be the fruitful Christians He com­ manded us to be. Jesus said, "You did not choose me, but I chose you, and appointed you, that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain" (John 15:16). We will be fruitful— intro­ ducing others to Christ and evi­ dencing the fruit of the Spirit — only as we allow the Holy Spirit to control our lives. There are two aspects of believ­ ers as branches of the vine that I would like to emphasize. The first is dependence on Christ. Jesus says, "For apart from Me you can do nothing" (John 15:5). An Old Tes­ tament writer stated, "We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon Thee" (II Chronicles 20:12). Paul says to the Corinthian church, "Not that we are adequate in our­ selves to consider anything as com­ ing from ourselves, but our ade­ quacy is from Cod" (II Corinthians 3:5). The second factor is our insepa­ rable relationship with Christ. Jesus says " . . . I am with you always") (Matthew 28:20). He prayed to the Father, "I in them, and thou in Me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that Thou hast sent Me, and hast loved them, as Thou hast loved Me" (John 17:23). No power can sever this rela­ tionship. "For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, Page 6

nor principalities, nor things pres­ ent, nor things to come, nor pow­ ers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." If these aspects are true of our relationship with Christ, what causes the Christian to become un­ faithful? Two of the major causes of unfaithfulness are worldliness, or "the worry of the world and the deceitfulness of riches" (Matthew 13:22); and failure to invest life's God-given resources, as shown in Jesus' parable in which the slave merely buried what had been en­ trusted to him rather than invest­ ing it. The Christian who is unfruitful can expect pruning and purging

by Vonette Bright

by divine judgment. Matthew 3:10 reads, "Every tree therefore that does not bear good fruit is cut down, and thrown into the fire." On the other hand, the fruitful Christian will produce spiritual fruit in all periods of life. "They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourish­ ing: (Psalms 92:14). This fruit is perennial. " ... Whose leaf shall not fade, neither shall the fruit thereof be consumed" (Ezekiel 47:12). It is grown only upon good ground. "And others fell on the good soil, and yielded a crop, some a hun­ dredfold, some sixty and some thirty" (Matthew 13:8). The fruit is of many varieties. "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temper­ ance ..." (Calatians 5:22,23). And

it is the product of heavenly wis­ dom. "But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceful, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering without hypoc­ risy" (James 3:17). If we desire to make an impact upon our world, we must under­ stand the futility of struggling to be the woman God can use. The branch does not struggle to pro­ duce fruit — it abides in the vine. Stop trying to live the Christian life! Abide in Christ, obey His com­ mands, stand at attention for His direction, make yourself available and let Him produce the fruit that in turn will help to change the world. January 1971, Worldwide Impact — Campus Crusade for Christ, Inc.

by BUI Roberts

When Jerome Hines, noted Christian opera star with the New York Metropolitan Opera Company, was on campus last year he approached me about a Christian Festival of the Arts he had been much in prayer over with the purpose of lifting up Jesus Christ. He said, at the time, that he wanted to include a drama group from Biola. Cod answered Mr. Hines' prayers, and Dallas, Texas was chosen as the first city to host the Festival. Sculptors, painters, musicians, actors, and evangelists were brought from all over the United States. There was real excitement at Biola when the students were selected for the cast of *Revolt at the Portals. They immediately began praying to­ gether, rehearsing — trusting Cod to help them raise the money needed for the trip to Dallas. We were scheduled to give six performances at the Festival. We did eleven in five days! A number of people came back to see the play as many as three times. At each performance someone accepted Christ as Savior. The group was referred to as the "sleeper" of the Festival. .. in other words, they did not anticipate we would be well received. However, by the end of the week the play was the highlight of all activities. We had further opportunities to do the play at the Salvation Army headquarters and the additional thrill of speaking to the college age group at the First Baptist Church of Dallas where Dr. W. A. Criswell is Pastor. The young people were hosted by Dallas Bible College and some new and wonderful friendships were made. On Easter Sunday we per­ formed in Phoenix, Arizona, giving two performances in Dr. John Mitch­ ell's church, Bethany Bible Church. Mr. Hines was so elated about the spiritual results from the play that he is planning for us to join him next year in Atlanta, Georgia.

*Revolt at the Portals, is an evangelistic play that has been used to reach thousands lor Christ during the past three summers touring the Orient and India.

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After much prayer and practice we were on our way to Dallas on April 3. I was excited about the opportunity to be a part of spread­ ing the gospel through the medi­ um of drama. When we arrived it was obvious Satan had been work­ ing overtime! Nothing was organ­ ized, nothing was running, there were no people in sight, and I felt that Cod had taken a vacation! In spite of our human efforts and failure, Cod intervened and took control. I cannot help but remember Isa­ iah 55:8, "Cod's ways are not our ways." I began to see that real ac­ tion starts on our knee's and not through personal effort. Prayer is the prerequisite. Finally, I experienced the verse which says that no one draws a man to Christ but the Father. We had countless opportunities to in­ troduce children, youth, and adults into the limitless, abundant life that the Savior offers.

Countless experiences took place that week. Each involved people — the most beautiful peo­ ple I have ever met. The Person that really showed Himself to me was Jesus. Everything in the Pa- villion building drew attention to Him. I had gone with many hes­ itations, unsure of my capability to portray a character unlike my own personality. But through His strength, my weakness was made perfectly strong. For the first time I gave my talents completely to Him and He carried me through. This one week in Dallas chal­ lenged my life. To see so many gifted people, all striving to glori­ fy Jesus Christ is something one cannot easily forget. More than 2,000 people viewed the play, peo­ ple who were Christians challenged to go home and share their faith or those who saw and now know there is an answer to the need in their life.

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from the Cast



I saw the Drama Team from Bi- ola last summer when they came through Hong Kong (my parents are missionaries there) but never dreamed of being a part of the team. When we arrived in Dallas, things were not exactly as we had ex­ pected. Monday we were all ready to do the play and no audience! We spent time in prayer asking the Lord to guide us because we knew He had taken us to Dallas for a purpose. The next day we helped pass information around the State Fairgrounds where the Festival was being held. That eve­ ning we had our first perform­ ance, the next day we had three, and on several days after we had two performances a day. The Lord really used the play to bring peo­ ple to Him. I think the one thing that had lasting effect was Cod's direct an­ swers to prayer.

"His strength is made perfect in our weakness," was the phrase that most typified our week in Dallas. We went expecting glamour and publicity, and the opposite hap­ pened! Cod first had to remove all expectations of personal glory and reward so that FJe could take over and use us for His own glory. I found out that in doing so He al­ ways gives back the greatest re­ wards. I was amazed at how God hon­ ored every scheduled performance that we had by giving us an audi­ ence. People walking through the auditorium to get to the wax mu­ seum were directed into our little theatre, and heard the Gospel pre­ sented— some for the first time. "Experience is the best teacher," and I learned a lot about Cod this week and how He works in our lives to perform His will!

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New Life Players

(Left to right) Barbara Roberts, Dave Judge, Marilyn Zimmers, Randy Baker, Steve Gallagher, Becky Baker. (In foreground) Bill Roberts, Sally Phillips. Sherrill Hennings and Steve Scott

Dr. J. Richard Chase

Dr. Charles L. Feinberg

Dr. Samuel H. Sutherland

PANEL D iscu ss io n s Q. Arvin, Calif. "Do you know of any religion which teaches that an evil thought about another person is a sin requiring acknowledge­ ment and the asking for forgive­ ness? Is not the mind a private thing? So long as no one is being harmed, it could not be a sin against someone else." whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adul­ tery with her already." Here we see that not just the act, but the very thought is sinful in the sight of Cod. As a very basic principle we should realize that all sin is ul­ timately against God. It is to Him, through Christ, whom we should go, when we have sinned in thought, word or deed (I Jn. 1:7-9). If the other party involved is not aware of our thoughts it would not help you or them probably to tell them. But by all means they should be brought to the Lord for His for­ giveness and cleansing. A. We all have studied, some with a great degree of thoroughness, other religions. Christianity is far from just a religious system. It is the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, who loved us and gave Himself for us! In the Bible our Lord takes each of the commandments, ex­ cept that dealing with the Sabbath, and elevates it to a place of even higher responsibility. For instance, in Matt. 5:27-28, we read, “Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery: But I say unto you, that Q. Fremont, Calif. "In Titus 3:1 we are exhorted to obey the govern­ ment. But what if the Christian feels his leaders are guilty of trea­ son by giving aid to the commu­ nists, extending trade to enemy Page 13

and Jacob being considered a part of the kingdom, but then cast into outer darkness." A. The context is that of our Lord's healing the centurian's servant. This Roman captain over 100 sol­ diers besought our Lord concern­ ing his servant who was ill at home. Christ said He would come and heal him. The man showed an amazing amount of faith. He re­ sponded, "Lord, You do not have to come. All you have to do is say the word and it will be done." The Saviour remarked, "I have not yet found so great faith even in Israel." This man had not been familiar with the covenants and Old Testa­ ment Scriptures. He had no hope of the Messiah's coming. On the other hand the privileged ones with so many blessings, cast aside God's truth. Such people will not enjoy eternal salvation for they have rejected the promises. They may have the background, the an­ cestry, the lineage, but such will never save. It takes personal com­ mitment to the very Son of God. The verses to which you refer speak of those to whom the king­ dom was first promised. Because of a lack of faith they enter the tragedy of a Christless eternity. Q. Seattle, Wash. "Does I Tim. 4:10 indicate that all people will some­ day be saved? Is it possible to be saved without believing?" A . No one can be saved without believing in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour (John 3:16-18; Rom. 10:9,10; Heb. 11:6). Christ's aton­ ing work is sufficient for every person who has ever, or who will ever, live.

nations and the like? Suppose ath­ eistic communism were imposed upon us. Would we have to obey this form of government?" A. As a general principle the Bible does indicate that we are to be subject to the government under which we live. In Paul's day Nero was emperor and there is little doubt that a more evil and diffi­ cult ruler ever lived. This was im­ moral paganism at its worst. You will find a similar helpful encour­ agement in Rom. 13:1-3. Study this and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart. Do you remember how the Pharisees tried to trap our Lord? They wanted to know if they should pay tribute to Caesar. If He said "yes" He would be patron­ izing an evil government. If He said "no" He would be guilty of treason. Wisely He called for a coin and asked, "Who's picture is on it?" When they told Him the obvious, He responded, "Render therefore unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, but unto God the things that are God's." There may come a time when we will have to do like the early Christians who were willing to go so far but no farther. Such a stand cost them their lives. The same could hap­ pen here. In our nation now, how­ ever, there are free elections. We have a duty and privilege for those whom we think will guide us right­ ly. Our first allegiance is to God, and then under that to country. Let us then be faithful in praying for our leaders that they may seek that true wisdom which is from above. Q. Seattle, Wash. "/ am confused by Matt. 8:11-12 which tells about those sitting with Abraham, Isaac, Page 14

to me that they are still here on earth. I thought the dead in Christ has been taken up (Rev. 20-4-6) before this time, and that we would not have to go through any of the Tribulation. A. Since this passage that she cites here is quite long, we urge you to look it up and to study it for your­ self. Be assured that all who are truly born again will be taken out of the world before the beast ap­ pears (I Thess. 4:13-18). This trans­ pires at the end of Revelation 3. Keep in mind that the Tribulation is a time of Cod's judgment upon a Christ-rejecting world. It has nothing to do with the Church which has already been judged. At the end of the Tribulation the Lord Jesus Christ returns to earth ac­ companied by the army of the re­ deemed which is the host of be­ lievers. We do not see them with any weapons since there is no need for them. Out of the mouth of the Saviour will go a sharp two- edged sword, the word of Cod, which will smite the nations. This is known as the Battle of Armaged­ don. As believers the Bible does not indicate what we will be do­ ing. We know that we are not en­ gaged in the conflict as such. The antichrist, the beast and the false prophet are to be cast into the lake of fire (Rev. 19:20). Satan is cast into the bottomless pit just before the thousand year reign of Christ on earth. Q. "Would you please explain Rev. 7:3-8, concerning the sealed 144,000? Some people say that these will be all the people who are going to heaven. Later, how­ ever, it speaks of the great multi­ tude beside this number." Page 15

Q. Seattle, Wash. " The Bible speaks of 'widows indeed '(I Tim. 5:3-6; 11-12). To what does this refer? People seem to think a widow should have no pleasure. Should they be able to marry again?" A. This portion of Cod's Word is an eminently practical one. A care­ ful study of the context will help to clarify your first question. "Wid­ ows indeed" are in a different cat­ egory than those who have chil­ dren or close relatives. Paulis mak­ ing a distinction between those who have families and those who are truly desolate and alone. They have no other visible means of support. The Bible does not say that a widow should not have any pleasure. Fellowship with the peo­ ple of God should bring her great joy and satisfaction. Keep in mind that Timothy was in Ephesus which was the center of idolatry. The Apostle refers to carnal pleasures in which no real Child of God would want to be involved. Any­ where we look today we likewise find people who are dead spiritu­ ally. This is a person's condition until he receives Christ as Saviour. The passage has reference to one where there is a pagan spouse in­ volved. We see this in our own churches. A woman's first husband may have died. Wanting provision for her children she marries again, however, unfortunately an unbe­ liever. Only tragedy can result when one enters into matrimony with an individual who has not been born again! Q. Seattle, Wash. "/ do not under­ stand Rev. 19:19-21 and chapter 20. I thought that the Christians were taken out of this world be­ fore the beast appears. This seems

A. There are some cults today which claim they are the 144,000. They invariably get into problems when their followers number more than this amount. The seventh chapter of Revelation is parenthet­ ical between the sixth and seventh seals of judgments. The saved are already in heaven. Those left here on earth are unbelieving Jews and Gentiles. God still wants the mes­ sage to go out to them. He chooses here on earth 144,000 messengers who are sealed for the task so that they will not be hurt by the judg­ ments. This number as the context clearly shows us are 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes. By the way, if someone tells you they are a part of the 144,000 you just ask them to which tribe they belong. That will show them the folly of their ways. The saved mul­ titude, again made up of those here on earth, are the fruit of these Jewish evangelists. You may be Jewish evangelists. You may be sure that there will be millions more than just the 144,000. Heaven will be occupied by all those through the centuries who have placed their complete faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for their eternal salvation. Keep in mind, however, the Church made up only of born- again individuals, is not in theTrib- ulation. Q. Tucson, Ariz. "Does the state­ ment 'not under bondage' in I Cor. 7:15 mean that the party is free to marry again?" A. This entire passage should be studied since it deals with the reg­ ulations of marriage among Gen­ tile believers. The verse you have mentioned deals with an unbeliev­ ing spouse who has decided to Page 16

leave. There is nothing stated here about marrying again. The basis is that after everything is done within reason with persuasion then there is no further obligation if the mate is bound to go. God has called us to peace. That means peace of mind, peace of heart, peace with all men so much as is possible, and peace with the Lord Jesus Christ. There are many good Bible teach­ ers who believe that there is abso­ lutely no grounds for remarriage except following the death of one partner. Infidelity or adultery is an

ing with new tongues in unknown languages, the taking up of ser­ pents, and laying on of hands to restore the sick. We find that this prophecy of our Lord was fulfilled in the authenticating of the early church. You will find all of this in Acts. These are not the things for which God's people are to seek to­ day. They were given for a specific purpose, to fulfill a specific need. Once the church was established these things passed away. There are now 20 centuries of marvelous truth following this revelation of

exception which others would al­ low granting the innocent party freedom to get a divorce and to remarry. Q. Portland, Ore. "In Mark 16:17- 18 I find a problem with Christ's words that signs would follow those who believed. What does a new tongue mean, as well as keep­ ing from poison? Are such things meant for today, or was Jesus re­ ferring only to the early church?" A. These verses indicate these signs such as casting out demons, speak-

The Biola Chorale performed at a Prelude of Music program during the convention of the National Association of Evan­ gelicals held in Los Angeles in April (Photo by Dick Reynolds). Page 17

God. There is not the same need today. The authentication has al­ ready been settled. Q. Linden, Wash. "Is it wrong for the church to accept into its mem­ bership persons who belong to a lodge (secret organization) or those who go to dances? Our minister feels there's no problem since sim­ ply believing in Christ as Saviour is sufficient. What would you have to say?" A. We would not connect dancing with belonging to a lodge or secret organization. Our personal convic­ tion is that it is unscriptural to be­ long to a secret order. At the same time we know of many wonder­ ful Christian men who belong to lodges. The danger is for people to make their lodge affiliation a relig­ ion. The all-important thing is the redeeming love of the Lord Jesus Christ and the necessity for the new birth as found in Cod's Word. The church is to command our pri­ mary concern and not some other outside organization. We believe any person who is born-again hav­ ing accepted Jesus Christ as per­ sonal Savior, has the promise of eternal life. Salvation does not de­ pend on dancing or not dancing. As to the requirement of church membership, this depends on the policies of the individual assem­ bly. It is hard to see anything com­ patible with trying to live a life pleasing to the Lord Jesus Christ while entering into all types of worldly activities. Q. Salinas, Calif. ",Did God create evil? Why do Christians conform to this world? What is your opin­ ion of such conformity by individ­ uals who claim to love God?"

A. The answer to the first question is an unequivocable "no." God did not create evil (Heb. 1:13; Tit. 1:2; Jas. 1:13). I John 1:5 — "Cod is light, and in Him is no darkness at all. As to conformity to this world we must realize that while the Lord has given us a new nature the old has not been eradicated. No be­ liever can dare say that he is with­ out sin. (Read the first chapter of I John.) If we do not allow our­ selves to be guided by the Holy Spirit we will be subject to the will of the flesh and of the devil. This is where the difficulties come in. As God's children we are not to love the things of the world. Paul, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit urges us to yield our bodies to Christ, not being "conformed to this world" (Rom. 12:1-2). We should be zealous to see that we avoid all conformity with the things of this world. John Wesley said that anything which cools our love and devotion of the Lord is the world! Q. Phoenix, Ariz. "Has God pro­ vided an everlasting body for the host of unbelievers just as He has for the saved and redeemed? While the Bible deals with hell and the lake of fire it never mentions the bodies of those who have rejected Christ. Souls and spirits are invis­ ible. Can they, without a body, suffer the agony of hell?" A. We believe that all who die are going to be raised again (John 5:28, 29). The fact is that the Bible does not tell us what kind of a body the unredeemed have. Of course, the saved will have bodies likened unto Christ (Phil. 3:21). The human mind cannot begin to fath­ om fully what that will be like.

Page 18

Dorothy Howie is Secretary to Dr. Charles Feinberg, Dean of Talbot Seminary.

We believe that the lake of fire is a literal place. Here there is tor­ ture but not annihilation. All we can say is that the resurrection bodies of the unredeemed will be of the type while not consumed will suffer torment in a literal fire. This is Cods Word. That is not my opinion. That is God's word, and that is the reason why we are so desperate to get people saved so that they may come into that glor­ ious relationship with our Lord Je­ sus Christ. Q. Pasadena, Calif. "What are your views on a pre-Adamic race? In Gen. 1:28 we read God's exhorta­ tion to our first parents that they were to replenish the earth and to subdue it. This would indicate that

there must have been some kind of inhabitants on earth destroyed before Adam." A . There is not one scrap of evi­ dence in the Bible that such could possibly be true. Cod created one man, Adam, and all the human family have come from him. God no doubt did create non-human, spirit intelligences before Adam, since we know there were angels, the word "replenish" simply means "to fill." Q. "What about the cave men? How far back would you say they go?" A. No one knows for sure, howev­ er, it doubtless came sometime af­ ter the fall of Adam. The fact re­ mains that no one knows for sure. Page 19

Wt)t Jftbe

by Rev. Robert Shelton Rev. Shelton is Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Pontiac, Michigan, and was a recent Torrey Conference speaker.

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The Incorruptible Crown There is a beautiful old hymn that asks, "Will there be any stars, Any stars in my crown? When at evening the sun goeth down When I wake with the blessed, In the mansions of rest, Will there be any stars in my crown?'' While it is a lovely song there is actually no Scripture to substanti­ ate it. Rev. 12 speaks of a woman who has on her head a crown of 12 stars. This has nothing to do with the rewards of believers. This refers to the 12 tribes of Israel. The real question is not how many stars, but rather how many crowns. Salvation is the present posses­ sion of all born-again believers. We neither earn it nor deserve it. It is God's gift to those who re­ ceive His Son as Saviour. Rewards are based upon our faithfulness. They are not a present possession but rather, a future attainment. God's word tells us that every man shall be rewarded according to his own work (II Cor. 5:10). All of us

as true Christians will stand before the judgment seat of Christ (Rom. 14:10). Notice that it is judgment and not condemnation (Rom. 8:1). While we are assured of life eter­ nal we should not overlook this aspect of judgment. Only the re­ deemed will appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ. Here will be determined the degrees of re­ ward. It will be in both the nega­ tive as well as the positive vein. It will be a time when the Lord will express His joy and approval to­ ward those who have labored faith­ fully for Him. The Bible speaks of five crowns being available as rewards for the child of Cod. The first is found in I Cor. 9:25 where we have refer­ ence to an incorruptible crown. This is given for self denial. It does not mean one who simply goes away from society to live a solitary and perhaps rigorous life of disci­ pline. There are those in various parts of the world who physically punish their bodies in the hope of bringing enough tortrue and pain to themselves so that they could merit Cod's favor. The Lord does Page 21

A person who is right with God will find ways of giving his wealth. He will find an avenue of giving his energy. He will have no trouble giving of his entire life to Jesus Christ. Paul reminds us along with the Corinthian Christians that we are not our own. We have been bought with a price. Therefore, let us glorify God in our bodies and in our spirits which belong to Him (I Cor. 6:19, 20). One of the young men, martyred in 1955 by South America Incas, was Jim Elliott. He had written in his diary, "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." This is what Jesus meant when He declared, "Whosoever shall lose his life for My sake, the same shall save it." The issue is a very simple one today. Where do you want your treasure? It can either be on earth or in Heaven. If the former there are those who would destroy or steal it. If the latter, it will be yours through all eternity (Matt. 6:19-21). You see, your heart is wherever your treasure is located. That "prize" may be a new home, a new car, a new boat, a large bank account, or something else. Do not misunderstand, if God has given you a lovely home then you can thank Him for it, but not fall in love with it. The same is true with all "things." John rightly testified, "If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in Him" (I Jn. 2:14). In this key verse Jesus also in­ structs us to take up our cross. This refers to any burden you do not have to bear. It is a road you do not have to travel; a responsi­ bility you do not have to take.

not have this in mind at all when He encourages us to seek the in­ corruptible crown for self-denial. This has to do with those who are willing, in the line of duty, to deny themselves for the sake of Jesus Christ. The simple key is found in Luke 9:23: "Jesus said, If any man will come after me, let him deny him­ self, and take up his cross daily, and follow me." What an example to follow in the person of the Sav­ iour. In Phil. 2:1-11 we have the perfect pattern. We are not to do things through strife or vain glory. In lowliness of mind we are to re­ gard others better than ourselves. Not out looking after "Number one," but seeing what needs oth­ ers have. If we are to act like Jesus Christ then our thoughts must be for others. It is not "What can I get," but "What can I give?" Not, "What you do for me," but, "What can I do for you?" This philosophy is the opposite of what we find in the world today. After all, like ev­ eryone else, we must demand our "rights." Have you ever thought that a rose takes to itself all the colors of the rainbow and gives back on­ ly red? It is loved, not from what it has received, but from what it gives away. An oak leaf absorbs the full beauty of light and sends forth a single color, green. It, too, is admired for what it releases. When a thing is black, however, it takes all the hues of the spectrum to itself, and gives back nothing in its selfish absorption. So that color has become a symbol of death. You see, a true estimate of our lives is not what we give, but what we bestow.

Page 22

Such is necessary for the incorrup­ tible crown. Are you willing to go this far? Everyone must needs ex­ perience difficulties, but are we willing to help lift another's load? In Matt. 4:19 we hear the Lord say, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." This is not only an invitation, it is also a com­ mand. Following is a true mark of discipleship (John 10:27; I Pet. 2:21; Rev. 14:4). Are you looking forward to hav­ ing the incorruptible crown pre­ sented to you? There is only one way. Learn in this life how to live with self denial. How wonderful to stand someday before the Judg­ ment Seat of Christ and hear Him say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." If you know Jesus Christ as Sav­ iour, if you have opened your heart by faith to Him, receiving Him as Lord and Master, then you are a candidate for the incorruptible crown. Will you willingly learn by Christ's example this life of self- denial? In this way, someday this crown will be presented to you! The Crown of Life In considering the five crowns suggested in Scripture for the be­ liever we find the second deline­ ated for us in James 1:12, "Blessed is the man that endureth tempta­ tion: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him." There are no con­ tradictions between the writings of Paul and this letter of James. Both are equally inspired by the Holy Spirit. Paul reminds us that we are justified by faith before God while James reminds us that we are justified by works before man. Romans tells us how to re­

ceive life eternal, while James tells us how to live in this life. Paul spoke of faith and salvation; James wrote of works and rewards. Keep in mind that the subject here is the crown of life, not the gift of life. This is clearly reward, not the gift of salvation. This is obvious since eternal life does not hinge on enduring temptation. This then is a crown that will be given to all who have endured tri­ als and testings. Such are not to be interpreted as signs of Cod's displeasure (John 16:33; I Pet. 4:12). Dr. Harry Ironside once wrote, "There is no evidence of God's displeasure when His people are called upon to pass through great trials." You may be sure that our profession will be put to the test sooner or later. Some of you doubtless are going through some unbelievable trials right now. I have some very dear friends in Viet Nam with whom I worked closely when I served as a mission­ ary there. They were captured by the enemy and have been held captive for about nine years. They have not seen their loved ones in all that time. Think of the pain and heartache of being separated from those whom they love so dearly. This is not evidence of Cod's dis­ pleasure with them. They have been called upon to pass through great trials. It is a part of Cod's perfect plan designed for them long before they were ever born. Trials must not rob us of our joy. In the second verse of his first chapter, James exhorts us, "My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations." While we do not enjoy trials there is still a very real contentment which lets Page 23

Robert Shelton and Ethel Barrett of Gos­ pel Light Publications during Torrey Con­ ference on Biola campus.

you to pray that I might have more patience." With a twinkle in his eye the appropriate response was, "Do not forget Cod's word says 'tribulation worketh patience'." He was right! Maybe you are going through some deep waters of ad­ versity. The Lord may want you to perfect the important grace of pa­ tience. Trials should always produce a greater sense of dependence upon Christ. Isaiah puts it this way, "When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him (59:19). Satan is moving in "like a flood" in many areas today. He would defeat the Lord's servants and discourage Cod's children. Sometimes he is allowed to do this so that we may realize our total dependency upon Jesus Christ. I can remember on Viet Nam when we were serving as missionaries. On one occasion the Communists

us know we can experience Cod's joy even in times of severest test­ ing. Jesus testified, "Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." In the third place, trials should produce patience. James 1:3 as­ sures our hearts, "Knowing this, that the trying of your faith work- eth patience." It has been well said, "Rejoice not because trials come, but because of their pos­ sible benefits." Patience can result from such experience (Rom. 5:3). A young minister realized his lack of patience. He wisely asked an elderly man of Cod to pray for him that he might receive more patience. To his surprise the old saint, kneeling beside his younger brother, asked to send difficulty, problems, and hardships into his life. The earnest preacher stopped hmi and whispered, "Sir, you must of misunderstood me. I wanted

had come right into the church while I was preaching. That night, under cover of darkness, the faith­ ful deacons escorted me to a safer place where I was to spend the night. I have never sensed a great­ er need for the Saviour, apart from the need of salvation. Apart from Cod's intervention I would never have been able to come through. We must realize that God can be trusted. He desires to prove that He is all-sufficient. Trials endured for God's glory will result in the crown of life (Jas. 1:12). Have you ever realized that those trials of yours might be a means of your gaining one of the five crowns available for believ­ ers? How unfortunate that most of us rebel against the things that ir­ ritate us. We all know how the oyster, when an irritating object like a bit of sand gets under its shell, simply covers it with the precious part of his being, so that it becomes a pearl. In a sense we might say that a pearl is simply a victory over irritation. The more irritations the devil flings at us, the more pearls we may develop by God's grace. So you see, that test in your life right now may simply be God's wonderful way of preparing you for the crown of Life (Rev. 2:10). "Let us not be weary, in well do­ ing, for in due season we shall reap if we faint not." Remember, one does not receive the gift of life by enduring temp­ tations. The gift of life is ours the moment we open our hearts by faith to receive Jesus Christ as Sav­ iour. For those who have received this wonderful salvation there is a need for faithfully laboring for the Lord. Here is a crown that can be

yours if you have been faithful in enduring that test. There may be heartaches in your life as well as other trials confronting you. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you endure for the honor and glory of the Lord. Someday you will stand be­ fore Him and hear His, "Well done thou good and faithful servant." You will be given the Crown of Life. The Crown of Glory Of the five crowns mentioned in Scripture the third is found in I Peter 5:4, "And when the chief Shepherd shall appear, ye shall re­ ceive a crown of glory that fadeth not away." Some Bible students suggest that this crown will be given on the basis of the believ­ er's faithfulness in suffering. The context, however, indicates that this crown results in faithfulness in "feeding the flock." In His resur­ rected body our Lord appeared to Peter asking for his pledge of love. Christ had to ask His disciple three times if he loved Him. The Saviour exhorted him, "Feed my sheep." It is indicated that one may lose this crown. Verse two suggests with the word "constraint" that it is possible to serve by coersion or restraint rather than a willing heart (I Cor. 9:16). Willing service is what Cod desires from His servants. This crown can also be lost if we "feed the flock" seeking personal gain. It is sad to say, and yet very true, that there are those involved in the work of Cod simply because of the monetary value they might gain. We are to "feed the flock" not to fleece them. It is somewhat paradoxical to consider those who become wealthy preaching the Gospel of the poorest Man who ever lived. While it is not for us to Page 25

judge such things do cause ques­ tions. Then, we are reminded not to set ourselves up above others, but to live as examples to others. To be a leader requires more than just a follower. It is one thing to tell a congregation to pray, while really praying yourself. If you are going to tell other people to wit­ ness you had better make sure this is your own personal practice. It is easy to give instructions and yet fail to do the very thing we en­ courage and require of others. All five of these crowns are avail­ able for all believers. The Crown of Glory is certainly to be the goal of every pastor or those who serve in some Christian ministry. But the reward is not just for them. If you teach a Sunday school class, you are a candidate. The things which we have received we are to share with others, who in turn may reach still others. This is a beautiful step- by-step encounter with people. What a wonderful privilege to op­ en the Word of God. As a parent you can receive the crown of glory. Certainly Abraham deserved this crown. God tesified of him, "For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord to do justice and judgment" (Gen. 18:19). There is something won­ derful about the head of a house­ hold gathering his family around him at the end of the day teaching them the simple truths of God's Word. Such will pay off rich divi­ dends for time and eternity. God help us to place priorities where they belong. Whether you are in full-time Christian service or not, you are to be a full-time Christian. Page 27

all preachers have never had the thrill of bringing a lost soul to God's saving grace. There is no ex­ cuse for such complacency and lethargy. We dare not neglect this command. Confronting people with the Gospel, urging them to receive Christ personally, IS the business of the church. It must have top priority. There are many wonderful things our Lord Jesus accomplished dur­ ing His three year ministry just prior to His crucifixion. Of all His miracles He makes a dramatic state­ ment that those who came after Him would do even more astound­ ing work (John 14:12). How could this be? Greater than stilling a troubled sea? Greater than feeding a hungry multitude? Greater than healing a sick person or even rais­ ing the dead? Oh yes, it is the work of winning souls to Jesus Christ. Nothing is more important in all the world than seeing others find eternal life. Keep in mind that the people whom Christ healed could get sick again. Lazarus was brought back to physical life only to die again later. The multitude was on­ ly temporarily satisfied with the bread and fish. To fail to tell others the good news is to be disobedient to our Lord's final command. It will result in failure to receive the soul win­ ner's Crown of Rejoicing. More than this, however, such will result in the eternal doom of the lost (Romans 10:13-14). The Bible loses no words in telling us that “he that believeth not is condemned al­ ready!" We should strive for the Crown of Rejoicing because it is necessary if our own spiritual lives are to profit and grow. The Dead Sea is

Use the word of God to feed that little flock of yours. There is a specific time given when we will receive the crown of glory. It will be “when the chief Shepherd shall appear (I Pet. 5:4). After the Rapture of the Church the judgment seat of Christ will take place. It is then that these crowns will be presented. Will there be this crown of glory for you? The Crown of Rejoicing It is important to emphasize again that crowns are rewards for faithfulness bestowed only on be­ lievers. They are not to be con­ fused with salvation, the free gift of Cod. The fourth crown is summarized in one word, “ Rejoicing." We find I Thess. 2:19-20 giving us a pic­ ture of this blessing we would all do well to seek. "For what is our hope, or joy, or crown of rejoic­ ing? Are not even ye in the pres­ ence of our Lord Jesus Christ at His coming? For ye are our glory and joy." Salvation of the lost and rejoicing always go hand in hand. Psalm 126:6 reminds us, “He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him." What joy is in heaven when a soul comes to Christ (Luke 15:10). Therefore the soul winner's crown should be called the Crown of Rejoicing. You and I should strive for this crown because it is commanded by Cod. Christ has called us to be witnesses for Him. We are to let our light shine brightly. Yet, it is a sad fact that about 95 percent of all Chris­ tians have never led a soul to the Saviour. Even more staggering is the revelation that 90 percent of

Page 28

It seems she was going 45 in a 35 mile zone. She was given a ticket. She knew she was guilty and ac­ cepted it. Before the patrolman left, however, she said kindly, "Now you have given me a tick­ et, let me give you a tract." She reached in her purse and found one titled "Thank you for your ex­ cellent service." It may not have been too appropriate but the po­ liceman took it home with him. The Spirit of God got hold of his heart and as he later told my sister he opened his life by faith to ac­ cept Christ. How many are there, whom you meet each day, who need God's good news? Are you willing to share Christ with them? You and I will receive the Crown of Rejoicing if our hearts are filled with compassion for the lost. God is looking for men today who will be willing to have a heart that is broken over those heading for a Christless eternity. May God by His matchless grace use you to bring to a saving knowl­ edge of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. In this way you will some­ day be given the Crown of Rejoic­ ing. The Crown of Righteousness In II Tim. 4:8 we find Paul testi­ fying, "Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at the day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing." The Crown of Righteousness will be given on the basis of faithful testimony for Christ. Paul desired "to fight the good fight of faith." This was more than a spiritual battle. As he told the Galatian Christians he bore in his body the marks of the Lord Jesus. W. B. Page 29

made up of 51 percent salt and other minerals. Yet, there are not any fish or plant life in the Dead Sea. The shore line is not dotted with happy little villages. It is dead! A lot of Christians are like that. While the great River Jordan flows into the Dead Sea it stops there; it never flows out. Too many of us take in but never give out. They never tell other people what Cod has told them (I John 1:3). There is real joy in sharing the story of the Lord Jesus Christ with a lost and dying world. In 1952 I had the joy of going to twelve islands off the coast of China where the people had never heard of the name of the Lord Je­ sus. Eight of those islands had nev­ er seen a white man until I came. My heart broke one day when a little Chinese boy came to a mem­ ber of our team and asked plain­ tively, “Did this Jesus you are preaching about come last year?" We had to tell him no, that He had come twenty centuries earlier. We had no real excuse for not coming earlier. We must take the message of life to others. Facing the task, how can we be assured of success? Our Lord has promised us the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8). In these days when we use computers and all sorts of modern technology we must be careful that our soul winning ef­ forts do not become mechanical. Would to Cod that everything we attempt be with the energy of Cod's Holy Spirit. We must learn to give priority to witnessing. It should be placed at the top of the list. Some years ago, my sister was riding through a little city in Michigan. A patrol­ man pulled her over to the curb.

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