FFAC "We the Artists" Art & Artists Catalog August 15, 2021

Bonnie Dixon 2020 Montpelier Oil on canvas 12 x 24 $750

"A single dark photo, under a black walnut planted while James Madison lived at Montpelier had potential for story telling about our own moment in American history. The tree itself seems to be growing from a divided trunk. I made up features from my own imagination to push the story elements. Adding clouds that look like the weather could be either sunny or stormy was a way to express a feeling of uncertainty. Captured on the edge of the photo an artist who later introduced himself to our artist group worked on a painting of the mansion. In my painting I gave him a mask. This canvas has a coarse texture which makes the wall around the garden look like masonry because of the scale--impossible for me to actually paint brick by brick! A lucky accident. The title refers not only to the year but also to perfect vision."


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