FFAC "We the Artists" Art & Artists Catalog August 15, 2021

Patricia Temples Through a Montpelier Window Photography 27 x 34 $450

"This window was formerly on one of the green Sears barns at Montpelier. I found it at a local antique store and the owner described salvaging it from the property. I decided to use the DuPont era of this barn window for a theme of horses. The top row of images are from the Montpelier Races, the first two on the bottom row are random scenes I found as a roamed the grounds. The last image on the bottom right was from a Liberty Ride event. Because this is an authentic window from Montpelier, there are definite imperfections in the glazing and painting of the window from multiple applications over the years. I made very few changes to it to prepare it for this presentation."


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