FFAC "We the Artists" Art & Artists Catalog August 15, 2021

Vickie Watts For Harriet Local wool dyed with black walnut. Handspun and hand woven 100% wool and 5 synthetic threads. 20.5 x 60.5 (measurement without fringe) $320 "As I thought about Montpelier and its people, I decided I wanted to create something to honor the many enslaved people who lived there. I discovered The Naming Project on the Montpelier website and the story of Harriet, an enslaved woman and accomplished weaver. I read what the historians know about her life, and I was deeply moved. I decided immediately to weave something in her honor. Since we met each week under the walnut trees of Montpelier, I decided black walnut would be an appropriate dye to use. Using local wool, I dyed the fleece, spun the yarn and wove this shawl “For Harriet”. Alongside the shawl, I am displaying a copy of Harriet’s story by Hilarie Hicks, Historian. If you visit the show, I encourage you to take the time to read about Harriet. If you cannot visit, I have included the link to her story - https://digitaldoorway.montpelier.org/2020/10/28/the-naming- project-harriet/."


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