Cove Family Dentistry - December 2019


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We’re Moving!


dvent is upon us! Advent can be loosely translated as “the coming.” For many of us, Advent is a very busy and sometimes chaotic time of year despite its accompanying message of peace on earth. Getting ready for what is

I hope you will share in our excitement during this time. Peek in the windows and see how it is coming along. I would like to tell you a little bit about the new space. It will have additional treatment rooms, all of which will offer the privacy and comfort of our two large rooms. At least one of the new rooms will be dedicated to the treatment of TMJ and sleep apnea. We will also have a consultation room, which will allow us to go over finances or extensive treatment plans in a dedicated, private space. The dental lab in the new office is considerably larger. This will reduce the noise in the office and allow us to better serve patients who need nightguards, sleep apnea devices, same day crowns, bleaching trays, etc. I am both excited and intimidated by all of this change, but I know it will be worth it once we are settled. Preparing our new dental home involves a lot of work. Until the move is complete, I will be dedicating all of my “extra” time and energy coordinating the move to minimize disruptions. We will be pausing the newsletter until spring because of the extra effort involved in the move. I hope to begin sending this newsletter again once the move is completed as it has been a really fun way to keep in touch.

coming can take over if we don’t remember the “why.” For me, getting ready is my favorite part of the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. It’s when my family and I spend the most time together creating memories. This is where I find peace during this hustle, bustle season. I hope that this Advent, we will all feel the peace of the season! My family has a few traditions that make this time special. Chris is an avid baker and makes gingerbread from scratch each year, and we decorate homemade gingerbread houses. This is one of my favorite times. I love listening to Christmas music, watching my girls eat way more candy than they should, and smelling my husband’s gingerbread baking. We will be adding a new tradition for our family this year, one that is rooted deeply in my husband’s heritage: baking houska bread using a recipe passed down from his relatives from Czechoslovakia! Since it is Advent, I would like to focus this issue of the newsletter on what is coming. We are moving! The office will be moving into the Publix plaza next to Subway early next year. We love our little house (I had imagined we would be there forever and just expand the building as needed), but it has not been meeting the needs of our patients for some time due to ongoing issues. Change is never easy but sometimes it’s necessary. The build is coming along nicely, but will take some time. I promise it will look better than these pictures when we are done! I do not have a definitive date for the move, but I will be posting updates on Facebook and in the office!

Wishing you and your family joy and peace that will carry throughout the year!

—Dr. Elizabeth Duling


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