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February 2020


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The Best Way to Start the Winter

Family Adventures at Fort Necessity

It’s been a long winter. Spring is just a few weeks out, but that’s pretty hard to believe beneath the gray skies of February. Though the season has been icy, I’ve been fortunate to enjoy a pretty nice winter. My parents came to visit in early December, we spent Christmas with my wife’s family, and we enjoyed a relaxing New Year’s. But so far, nothing has topped the trip my family and I took during Thanksgiving weekend. Usually, we have Thanksgiving at our house, but the rest of the family was scattered around this year. When we realized it would be just us, we decided to do something fun! In our family, the definition of fun is taking a road trip to Nemacolin Resort in Pennsylvania and seeing some of the historical sites, including Ohiopyle State Park. This semi-impromptu trip ended up being one of the best we’ve ever had. A big highlight was visiting Fort Necessity National Battlefield, where a 22-year-old George

Washington started the French and Indian War. As Americans, we tend to assume our history starts with the American Revolution. However, the French and Indian War, fought from 1756–1763, really set the stage for the creation of our nation. It was due to the cost of this war in North America that the British began raising taxes on the colonists. The resulting unrest would ultimately lead to the Revolutionary War. Needless to say, I was very excited to visit Fort Necessity. We stopped by the visitors’ center first, where they had a great exhibit about Fort Necessity and the French and Indian War. This really put the fort itself into perspective. I’ve been a museum buff for most of my life. When we travel, there’s nothing I love more than “dragging” my family to some museums or historical landmarks. But hiking down to Fort Necessity was the first time I really felt like I was walking back in time. I don’t know what made that place so extraordinary, but for a moment, it was like we were about to turn a corner and see a young George Washington and his troops firing the first shots that would eventually lead to the American Revolution. Of all the historical ventures I’ve dragged my family to, this one might have been the most fun for me. My girls are 12, 14, and 16 years old. Usually when we visit these kinds of places, they’re rushing to get through. They had all relatively recently covered this time period in history class, so they were leading our personal tour, and I was the student, which was very cool. They went through the

museum at the visitors’ center, checked out the exhibits, and even encouraged me — or at least allowed me — to sit through a movie they had playing at the center. It was really a great experience. Our whole trip to Nemacolin was a blast. Visiting state parks or old battlefields wasn’t exactly how my girls wanted to spend Thanksgiving weekend, but they gave it a shot, and we all had a good time. The resort offers a lot of fun things, like zip-lining or paintball, that we couldn’t do because of the cold, but my girls are interested in going back when the weather is nicer. My wife was able to take the girls to an afternoon at the spa while I went on a hike one day, which was a lot of fun. During the drive back home, we started planning our summer trips. Everyone was throwing out different ideas of things we could do together. I was happy to see how engaged my girls were in planning family trips. Of course, they want to make sure we spend the summer doing something they’ll enjoy, but it’s nice to know they want to spend time together as a family. My oldest will be going off to college in less than two years, and these impromptu family trips to state parks will be a thing of the past. I want to hold onto each moment I have with my girls until then. And if that means getting to drag my family on more historical excursions, all the better! –-Jason A. Schermer


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