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My fitness journey through Carter Fitness Labs has been a unique one, but anyone who has turned their life around through a great fitness program can relate. I’m not just saying that because I’m Saul’s mother — although I am biased toward my son. When I was a little younger, I never had trouble staying in shape and pursuing all the activities I desired. But then time went on. Right before my husband passed away a few years ago, I found myself not loving the body I saw in the mirror. If I wanted to get back to the lifestyle I loved, I needed to make some serious changes to cut away some of the extra weight I was carrying around. So, Saul gifted me a month-long membership to a bootcamp being offered at another gym in the area. Through hard work and a little perseverance, I am now 30 pounds lighter and taking trips I could have never dreamed of with friends I’ll never forget. When I first started the bootcamps, my husband was very ill and I was feeling like I was just too old to do something like this. I thought my years of health were behind me and that I should just throw in the towel. Saul wouldn’t have it. With some serious nudging, he eventually convinced me to get on one of their specialized nutrition plans. Once I finally gave

in, the staff was so supportive and let me know every step of the way that my goals were attainable and would become a reality if I stuck to the programs. I lost 11 pounds over the course of that first week, and I never looked back. I’ve carried on my regimen to this day, balancing the classes with my nutrition plan and a little hiking peppered in to get my blood pumping. I’ve been interested in hiking for years. I like to think of myself as a very active person, especially a few decades ago. In fact, when I was around 50, a friend and I hiked Mount Whitney. That experience always stuck in my head as a special one, so when a friend approached me at my late husband’s memorial service and proposed that we go on the Inn to Inn hiking trek in Peru, I immediately jumped at the chance. I wasn’t even bothered that I was carrying around 35 pounds of extra luggage at the time. Through the programs at Carter Fitness Labs, I got back to a place where the 88-mile hike seemed possible. While we were in the thick of the trip this past May, I am proud to report that I had no trouble at all. After a while, I realized that our hiking guide wasn’t giving me breaks like the rest of the group, and he told me it was because he could see that I

was going to take this hike in stride. Not to brag, but he was kind of right.

When I got back from my trip, I couldn’t believe what I’d done. I couldn’t have been happier with where my life was. Our hike took us over the Salkantay Pass at an altitude of 15,212 feet and ended with a tour of Machu Picchu, which is one of the new seven wonders of the world. Standing up there and seeing what we conquered was a special moment. In the end, I had my son, myself, and a copy of the book “What Doesn’t Kill Us” to thank for getting me there. I was able to keep a steady and safe pace by sticking to the breathing techniques detailed in the book, all while checking my Myzone tracker to see where my heart rate was at. A few years ago, I never would’ve seen myself going to all the places I’ve gone, and I’m just getting started.

–Barbara Fox

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