2020 NJ STEM Month Virtual Showcase


2/27 STEM For Success PD workshop for Educators and Administrators from 6 NJ districts 2/29 Spring into STEM all day event providing students and educators with hands-on minds-on experiences with active learning, maker space and innovation labs at NJIT. 3/5 Visit to NJIT by Barringer HS (Newark) to explore NJIT’s makerspace and learn about engineering design and STEM careers. Our elementary school girls STEM club members show- cased their efforts at these NJ STEM Month events for students and parents to learn more about and be inspired by STEM: 3/11 Family STEAM Challenge at Hurden Looker Elementary, Hillside. 3/12 Family STEM Night at Discovery Charter School, New- ark. 3/19 (Postponed) Science Night at Borough School, Morris Plains. 3/20 (Postponed) Family Hands-on Experience in STEM at Calvin Coolidge Elementary, Hillside 3/26 (Postponed) Family Science Night at George Catrab- one School, Long Branch 3/27 (Postponed) 1st Annual STEM Showcase at George Washington Elementary, Hillside. March (Postponed) Reducing Cafeteria Waste event at The- odore Roosevelt School, Weehawken. STEM for Success organized the following events that were postponed. Visits to NJIT’s Makerspace, STEM activities and STEM careers presentation. 3/16 Visit to NJIT by Long Branch HS 3/24 Visit by Hurden Looker Elementary, Hilliside 3/26 Visit by Discovery Charter School, Newark 3/27 Visit by Borough School, Morris Plains. (The activities were made possible through funding from NSF INCLUDES #1744490 and Arconic) For more information on our activities and to get involved: https://www.stemforsuccess.org/

What is STEM for Success? STEM for Success is a project of the NJIT Collaborative for Leadership, Education, and Assessment Research (CLEAR) to bring together stakeholders, coordinate efforts, and devel- op needed resources and activities to promote career readi- ness through collaborative Technology, Engineering, Applied Arts, Math and Science (TEAMS) best practices in education. STEM for Success is currently initiating a long-term alliance- building effort to support women in STEM. We are impact- ing girls from elementary school through college and early career supported by its STEM Education Support Program. These efforts align with CLEAR’s role in the NSF INCLUDES Network, a national network connecting all NSF INCLUDES programs across the US. See Network Spotlight: Leadership and iSTEAM for Females in Elementary School (LiFE) project. How we engage our stakeholders? STEM for Success serves as the backbone for organiza- tions aligned with our vision to foster collaborative change through TEAMS best practices. With these partners, STEM for Success aims to build a coherent system to recruit, induct, engage, manage and facilitate learner progress through a support system of interested peers, mentors, and other stakeholders.

This past year we: • Held teacher professional development events,

• Sent college students into elementary school classrooms, • Facilitated afterschool and weekend engineering design and coding activities for middle schoolers (https://www. theceop.com ) • Hosted Newark Public School’s Girls who Code showcase (see CBS News coverage). • Supported schools preparing for the US ARMY STEAM Tank Challenge What did STEM for Success do during NJ STEM Month 2020? Our program provided small grants for STEM clubs to show- case their learning and activities leading up to STEM month 2020.

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