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1128 Black Building 357 So. Hill Street


Your Bilhorn Folding Heed Organ Now! OUR STOCK IS LIMITED THERE W ILL BE NO MORE Ideal for Missions, Camps, Sunday Schools, Homes, etc. Write fo r descriptive folder and prices , GEO. BILHORN & CO. 1414 McLean Ave., Dept. K Chicago, HI.

Phone Mutual 5092

Los Angeles, Calif.

NEXT QUARTER SWITCH w£7%A/P4J?PS mm TRUE-TO-THE-BIBLE LESSONS # For the coming Sunday School quarter plan now to get Standard’s True-to-the-Bible lesson helps, either Closely Graded or Uniform. Children’s helps in attrac­ tive colors. Every lesson a Bible lesson. All lessons are true to the Bible as God’s revealed Word. Prospectus of Closely Graded lessons, actual samples of Uniform lessons and big catalogue are free. Please state in which you are interested and mention department. Address Desk KB-1 THE STANDARD PUBLISHING CO. 8th& Cutter Sts., Cincinati, Ohio

Are you hazy concerning cer­ tain Scriptural truths? Send your inquiry to M A N A G IN G EDITOR of this magazine for Dr. Talbot’s clearcut answer from the Word.

"ThankGodfor Testament

T h ere w ill be a time perhaps when your sol­ dier faces Death. When that moment comes, he too will have the Bible to sustain his faith and courage. You have seen to that! But will you not do more

Will you not also see to it that the comfort of God’s Word is made available to all boys in the Service, wherever they may be? Just a dollar from you will provide New Testaments to six of our fighters. Why not send us your contribution now! Better still, why not help yourself at the same time by buying an Ameri­ can Bible Society Annuity Agreement?

A school tea ch er . . .

These Agreements afford you the op­ portunity of giving help to others—and receiving at the same time as much as 7 % on your money. Find out for your­ self how this Plan works. Send for the booklet “ A Gift That Lives!’

gives himself a Bible assignment Yes, he’s found that he needs to know God’s Word to be a good teacher. As­ signments, exams, paper wads—he for­ gets them all when he studies his Bible. "Isn’t it a fine experience” he asks, “to discover truths unknown before? I have taken many Bible courses, but never with the rich blessings I have found in the Scofield Bible Course!’ You, too, can learn the secrets of a deeper Christian life through Moody home study courses. Write Dept. K-815 CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL

American Bible Society, Bible House, New York, N. Y. □ Please send me, without obligation, your booklet KB-30 en­ titled “ A Gift That Lives!’ □ I enclose $......... provide Testaments for our boys.

Name.... Address

ody Bible Institute ^ -.153 INSTITUTE . PLACE • CHICAGO :


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