May 2024 IL Dental News

the seminar provides the continuing education code for attendees to use to record their CE credit for the course. Those who attend the Midwinter meeting learn about all sorts of dental related subjects, products, equipment, techniques, and there are even hands-on classes as well, everything from A to Z. Indeed, the Chicago Dental Society always provides a vast number of educational programs for every member of the dental team. At the most recent meeting in February 2024, Dr. Sam served as a Presiding Chair for Amber Auger, RDH from East Weymouth, Massachusetts (near Boston, Massachusetts). Amber is a practicing dental hygienist and, according to Sam, is a very dynamic and informative speaker, as exemplified by her seminar offering in February, 2024. Ms. Auger expressed to those in attendance the day of her program that Dr. Cascio’s introduction of her was the best one she had ever experienced and even expressed that she would welcome him to come to Massachusetts to provide more of her program introductions. To those who know Dr. Sam, this is no surprise because Sam happens to be an excellent public speaker and he has addressed countless audiences through the years, providing introductions, invocations, and benedictions among a host of other informative exhortations and allocutions. Sam expresses that he always learns new things through serving as a Presiding Chair, which attests to his firm belief that a dentist must devote themselves to be a lifetime student in order to best serve their patients. Although these days Dr. Sam spends the winters in Florida, he frequently returns to Chicago for many functions, mainly dental functions such as CDS Northwest Branch meetings, CDS Officer Installation Ceremonies, the Midwinter Meeting, and the Arcolian Dental Arts Society meetings. Sam’s vitality, vigor, sharp wardrobe, and acutely keen sense of humor are exceedingly inspiring and certainly serve to be highly contagious. Point of fact, it would be impossible to effectively measure the positive impact, friendships, and general goodwill Dr. Cascio has perpetually generated throughout his esteemed professional career. Even now, his continued visibility and participation musters a summit of esteemed respect and generates a pinnacle of fond admiration bestowed upon and experienced by very few in the dental profession or community.

Unfortunately, Sam’s beloved spouse, the late Rosemarie departed this earthly life in 2003. Dr. Sam and Rosemarie are the proud parents of four adult children. Son Joseph, who served as a commodity trader at the Chicago Board of Trade, is presently retired in Scottsdale, Arizona, with his wife Susan. Daughter Geraldine and her spouse Phillip are owners/ operators of Mama Maria’s Pizza in Elmhurst, Illinois. Son Daniel is President of Cascio Communication, Inc., a leading advertising company in the Chicago area that is well known and is responsible for the advertising signs often seen on roofs of city cabs. Of course, I have already mentioned his son, Dr. Michael, a practicing general dentist. Of crucial importance, Sam’s wonderful daughters-in-law, Joanne (married to Daniel) and KK (married to Dr. Micheal) were of inimitable assistance with providing photographs and identifications for this article. I must also thank Dr. Cissy Furusho, Dr. Lou Imburgia, and Dr. Michael Biasiello, who assisted me with pictures. Dr. Sam Cascio will turn 100 years young this August 2024. He has indeed accomplished a lifetime of awesome selfless service not only in the profession of Dentistry but also exemplary service to the vast number of patients he has cared for and treated. In addition, Sam’s prolific years in serving as a leader in Organized Dentistry and his myriad of altruistically noble endeavors, financial support, and impressive contributions toward improving the condition of humankind have nearly reached mythical proportion. His exceptional dedication and involvement can only be described as immensely philanthropic, enormous in depth and breadth, and extraordinary. To borrow a perfectly fitting phrase, Dr. Samuel J. Cascio is truly a superb gift that keeps on giving.


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