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Lessons in Cooking, Homecare and Human Nature THE FINE ART OF HOME ECONOMICS

This month, I want to give a belated thank you for all the well wishes and prayers for good weather at my daughter’s wedding. It worked! It was absolutely pristine — sunny and 70 degrees all day. Augee was beautiful, the ceremony was perfect and I only cried a little bit. After the wedding, the newlyweds had a nice honeymoon in Hawaii, where Bryen surprised Augee with the fact that he’d taken swimming lessons on the sly. Apparently, swimming isn’t a big thing in Ohio. They enjoyed a week of beaches and snorkeling before returning for a whirlwind tour. After Augee and Bryen got back, Ali and I drove out to Indiana to help them move into their new place. It was two days of driving for hours, unloading all their wedding gifts, moving furniture, unpacking boxes and setting up their new home. By the time we left, the house was about 80% ready. Augee and Bryen were very grateful for our help and are ready to start their new life together. Now they just have to learn the fine art of home economics. subject is near and dear to my heart. To no one’s surprise, I really enjoyed cooking and learning about nutrition, but that wasn’t all the class was about. We also learned how to balance a checkbook, manage resources, handle debt, perform home maintenance and basically do everything kids today call “Adulting 101.” In junior high and high school, I had a great home economics project, and the

A 1940’s home economics class.

Home economics classes have really fallen out of style. If schools do offer them, it’s usually an elective most kids don’t take. This is probably why so many kids end up in the “real world” without a lot of basic skills. If parents aren’t teaching their kids these skills at home and they get dropped from the school curriculum, where are they supposed to learn them? The thing I really love about home economics isn’t just that these skills are genuinely useful; there’s also so much heart in them, especially when it comes to cooking. Every Christmas, my mother-in-law and her sister, Lois, would make pasticciotti. They made them not because they were the best food in the world, but because their mother would make pasticciotti every year. They cook together and remembered her. This is what I love so much about cooking. We’re all hungry for those emotional connections of being loved, accepted and

“We’re all hungry for those emotional connections of being loved, accepted and part of a family.”

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