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KICK AWAY THE PAIN Effective Solutions for Your Knees &Hips

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KICK AWAY THE PAIN Effective Solutions for Your Knees &Hips MarkTwain once said that growing old is an issue of “mind over matter,” but if you struggle with knee or hip pain, then you know that this isn’t true at all. Knee and hip pain can really take the spring out of your step, causing you to move slower and leaving you with pain that becomes moredifficulttocopewith,stepafterstep. There is an endless list of reasons as to why knee or hip pain may develop, from a slip or fall-related accident to a sports injury or even a car accident. Don’t Wait Until It Is Too Late! When an injury develops, seeking the support of a therapist is the best course ofaction.Workingwithaphysiotherapist, chiropractor , or osteopathic manual therapistsoonafteran injurydevelopscan helpreduceyourrecoverytime.Yourability to copewith the pain and discomfort can beimprovedbyintroducingyoutotargeted exercises and stretching techniques that can enhance your ability to recover from the injury. When you are dealing with a knee or hip injury,everysteprequiresmoreeffortthan typical. This can really drain your energy level as you attempt to go about doing even basic tasks, such as taking care of your home or walking around the office. What Can Therapy Do to Help? Physiotherapy is not a one-stop cure-all forpainmanagement.This isa long-term solution to pain and suffering through the use of targeted exercises and stretching techniques that are designed tostrengthenthetargetedareasandhelp the body recover and heal. By identifying

the exact points on the body that are not movingastheyoughttobe, it ispossibleto makeaplanto increaseflexibility,motion, strength and even improve coordination. Who Needs Therapy? Are you moving like you should be? Your hips and knees are essential to everyday movement; whether you are sitting, standing, walking or running, you need your hips and knees in great shape. Sometimes, when your hips and knees are in pain, it can cause you to change the way that you are moving, causing you to change the flow and pace of your gait,which isthewaythatyouwalk.Other times, prolonged pain can cause you to stopdoingmovementsthatare indicative of healthy joints. Ifyou’veexperiencedanyhiporkneepain and are considering whether therapy at Kinetesis isagoodchoiceforyourhealth needs, consider the following: • From a standing position, are you able to lean over and touch your toes? If so, thenthis indicatesthatyouhaveproper hip and low back flexibility. If not, then youmayneedto improveyourflexibility and joint range of motion, and therapy could be helpful. • Inasittingposition,canyoucomfortably cross your legs, leaving your ankle to restcomfortablyontheoppositeknee? If this is painful, or one knee constantly must be lower than the other, then this may be indicative of knee concerns that could be addressed with therapy.

• Fromastandingposition,withyourfeet planted flat on the floor, can you push your body into a squatting position? You should be able to squat all theway down so that your buttocks are almost touchingyourheels. Ifyouaren’tableto do this, then therapy may be helpful in improving your range of motion. • Standing near a wall or countertop, arrange your feet so that you are standing with the heel of one foot touching the toes of the other, as if on a balance beam, and see how long you can stand still. Can you balance for 10 seconds? If not, then therapy may be able to improve balance and coordination. Thegoalofanyphysiotherapyprogram is to restore range of motion and improve flexibility and strengthwhile reducing the generalexperienceofpain.Unfortunately, hip and knee injuries often tend to linger. Every movement relies so heavily on the hips and knees that it makes it difficult to allowthese jointstoactuallyrestfollowing an injury.Physiotherapyprovidestargeted exercises that support the joints with precise movements that help reinforce strength and range of motion. For more information, contact Kinetesis today to learn more about how our services can suit your health needs.

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Physio + Yoga = A Natural Fit

Improve Posture Improve Mobility Improve Strength Improve Balance

Did You Know Your Digestive Disorders & Anxiety Might Be Related?

By Carolyn Cseszko, Registered Acupuncturist at Fall River

Anxiety is one of the most common emotional complaints that I treat in my clinic, but why is it so common? Well, one could argue that we live a stressful life of never-ending to-do lists, with unreasonable time constraints, and traffic and balancing family life with work-life; I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me anxious just thinking about it! Interestingly enough, digestive issues are just as common - but most people have had poor digestionforso longtheydon’tevenrecognize it’s an issue. Signs and symptoms such as bloating after meals, flatulence, abdominal distention, acidreflux,constipation,diarrheaandabdominal pain... If you’re feeling any of these on a regular bases you don’t have to be! In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM for short), the organ associated with digestion also manages our propensity to overthink things. How is that possible? These two concepts are completely separate from one another, aren’t they?Well,whenwe lookat theparasympathetic

nervous system and the sympathetic nervous system or the “rest & digest” mechanism and the “fight or flight” responses, respectively, we do see a clear relationship.

No adrenaline is released Adrenaline is released

Theway thatTraditionalChineseMedicine looks at it is: if you’re overthinking or worried, then your digestion is also probably off, because they both fall in the same category. So as an acupuncturistwhopracticesTraditionalChinese Medicinewhen Itreatdigestion, Iamalsotreating anxiety because the treatment stimulates the body to move back into the parasympathetic nervous system mode. You can actually feel the body switch pathways during treatment, as muscletensiondecreasesandthebodybecomes more calm and relaxed. It is during this phase that thebodycanstarthealing itselfandgoback toabetterstatewhere itcandigestfoodproperly. And as for the needle part; don’t overthink it! Learn more about how Acupuncture can help you today by visiting acupuncture .

Parasympathetic Nervous System “Rest & Digest” Sympathetic Nervous System “Fight or Flight”

Restorative state of calm Body becomes more alert, tension increases

Heart rate decreases Heart rate increases Muscles relax Muscles contract

An increase in stomach movement A decrease in stomach movement

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After only a short time, my hip and leg mobility improved significantly. Now, I’m back to playing soccer!” — G.

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My hips are feeling great again!” — Z. P.

Relieve Pain in Minutes Try this movement if you’re experiencing less mobility.


Helps Balance & Mobility

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Call us and ask to speak to your therapist. Your therapist can discuss with you why your pain is bothering you again and what you might do about it at home. If further assessment is warranted, your therapist might recommend you come in for an appointment. YOUR FIRST 1-HOUR MASSAGE! $ 20 Redeem This Coupon for

SINGLE LEG STANCE (Forward) 1. Stand on one leg and maintain your balance. 2. Hold your leg out in front of your body for 10 seconds. 3. Return to original position. 4. Switch legs and repeat 6 times. 5. Be sure to maintain a slightly bent knee on the stance side.

Complimentary Consultation Schedule Your FREE Complimentary Consultation! Call Us or Visit Our Website to Book Online: Bedford: 902-407-7207 | Fall River: 902-861-3900 KINETESIS.CA At Kinetesis Spine & Joint Clinic , we offer all the services you need to resolve muscle, joint and nerve pain and get you back to your sport, job and daily life as quick as possible. We understand that when you’re in pain or injured, it can affect every aspect of your life, and you don’t always know where to start. We can help you by assessing your problem and providing you with the solutions you need to get you back to better health.


Amy is a Physiotherapist who has always enjoyed helping people achieve their best- selves. She is fascinated by the human body and its capabilities. Being a Physiotherapist gives her the opportunity to pursue an understanding of the human body and use her knowledge to help others. WHAT ’S HER WHY? Why does she do what she does? Amy believes in a welcoming and friendly experience; so the first thing is to laugh and the second thing is to exercise. She is very dedicated to her patients and strives to ensure the best possible outcome for them. WHAT MAKES HER TREATMENT/VISIT UNIQUE?

Physiotherapist Amy Heffernan

Motivated, Persistent, Caring


• Strengthening and Exercise • Osteoporosis Management

• Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

• Advanced Physical Therapy Lumbo-Pelvic Complex Certification • Level 1, Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy • BoneFit Certified • Introduction to Neuro- Proprioceptive Taping • Rocktape Functional Movment Techniques: Blades, IASTM Certification EDUCATION


• Musculoskeletal Injuries • Sprains • Strains • Fractures

• Management of Osteoporosis Symptoms • Sports Injuries; all ages including children, teenagers, weekend-warriors and older adults

When Amy is outside the clinic, she enjoys amateur photography, hiking, camping, baking, crafting and collecting plants. WHAT DOES SHE DO OUTSIDE OF WORK?

Amy treats clients at both our Bedford and Fall River locations. To book an appointment with Amy, book online 24/7 at, or call our Bedford (902- 407-7207) or Fall River (902-861-3900) locations today!




During the month of FEBRUARY, we are offering a Traditional Chinese Medicine: Love Yourself Balancing Treatment.

What Does Treatment Include? • 1-hour Initial Consultation • a Specialized Balancing Acupuncture Protocol • Cupping with heart shaped LOVE cups • and a FREE GIFT!


Physio-Pilates is a unique form of physical exercise that focuses on posture, core stability, breathing, strength, and flexibility. It is often used to help rehabilitate the body after injury, particularly injuries of the pelvis, low back, or neck. Physio-Pilates is a treatment tool used by physiotherapists trained in Pilates, linking current spinal stability research and the traditional exercise rehabilitation and conditioning work of Joseph Pilates. It’s ideal for use in the rehabilitation setting, for general health and well-being, and as a preventive measure to avoid injury. Join Kinetesis for a 10-Week Physio-Pilates session with Kelly Whitman, January 6th until March 2nd.* Register today to hold your spot! * No classes will be held February 17th due to the holiday. Fee is $172, no tax. Billed as group Physiotherapy, physio assessment is required prior to class. Kellyalsooffersone-on-onePhysioPilatesfor individualized programs. (Billed as a regular physiotherapy visit.) Classes Offered at Our Fall River Location Call 902-861-3900 to Register! KINETESIS.CA MONDAYS | Jan 6 - March 2 | 12:30-1:30pm TUESDAYS | Jan 7 - Feb 25 | 6:30-7:30pm

Book your treatment today by calling our Fall River location at 902-861-3900 or by booking online with Acupuncturist Carolyn Cesezko at our website

Carolyn Cseszko, Registered Acupuncturist at our Fall River location, performing Acupuncture .


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