Ridewright Wheels

High-quality, traditional spoke wheels - enjoy the Ridewright guarantee, style and peace of mind. 40 Spoke Cross Laced Wheel 40 Spokes: Keep that original look but enjoy the additional strength of a Ride Wright USA made Wheel.

50 Spoke Radial Laced Wheel 50 Fat Radial Spokes: Ride Wright is the ORIGINAL “Fat Daddy” 50 Spoke wheel. *Available with Chrome Rim, Chrome Hub & Stainless Steel Spokes. Or *Available with Black Rim, Black Hub & Stainless Steel Spokes.

80 Spoke Cross Laced Wheel 80 Spokes: Provides a nice, full wheel under your bike with modern durability.

120 Spoke Cross Laced Wheel 120 Spokes: The most spokes you can get under your bike. Stand out from the crowd with this amazing display of stainless steel spokes.

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