Ridewright Wheels

120 Spoke Cross Laced Wheel Chrome Rim, Chrome Hub & Stainless Steels Spokes

120 Spoke Cross Laced Wheel 120 Spokes: The most spokes you can get under your bike. Stand out from the crowd with this amazing display of stainless steel spokes.


Part Number

16x3.5 16x5.5 17x3.5 17x6.25 18x3.5 18x4.25 18x5.5 18x8.5

RID-03632-00SC RID-03652-00SC RID-03732-00SC RID-03762-00SC RID-03832-00SC


RID-03882-00SC 19x2.15 RID-03922-00SC 19x3.0 RID-03932-00SC 21x2.15 RID-03222-00SC

21x3.0 21x3.5


Rollies Speed Shop - 07 3252 5381


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