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“I was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease and I was having very severe dizzy spells, nausea, and vomiting. I was pretty much housebound. I couldn’t drive or ride my horse. I didn’t know when the symptoms would come on and they’d be so severe that I couldn’t even walk down the hall without holding on to the walls. I have been coming to Synergy for almost a year. When I started coming, it seemed like the symptoms were almost immediately relieved. Not completely, at first, but I definitely felt relieved. As I kept coming, twice a week, the symptoms were less and less severe until I could drive again. I could go out with people and ride my horse again safely. Because it’s real and it helps. Literally, it changed my life. I was non-functioning, I was very depressed, and now I am a new person. Synergy made my world normal again! ” - Pam A. “I could go out with people and ride my horse again”

Pam and Shauna

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COME TO A FREE WORKSHOP Synergy hosts monthly workshops for those interested in learning more about the techniques used and conditions treated here at Synergy. Some of the workshops include: Post Concussive Syndrome: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatments SensoryProcessingDisorder: Symptoms,HelpfulTips,andResources Frequency Specific Microcurrent: Healing Specific Tissues

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