Issue 17 New Products 2020

New Products Issue 17 2020


We’re excited to present a selection of the latest new products from some of the biggest brands in the UK market! From Vimto Winter Warmer to Fray Bentos Pots, why not top-up your order with a new and exciting purchase?

You can view our full range of new releases, along with 24,000 more products, online!

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Fruit Tree Italiana Cherry Fruit Spread 250g 6 Per Case AFR-IC

Daioni Strawberry Flavour Milk 200ml 18 Per Case ADAI-STRAW

Vimto Winter Warmer 725ml 12 Per Case 1061599

Limited Edition Combining original Vimto with cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, to make the perfect festive drink!

Clearspring Japanese Oolong Tea (bags) 36g

Clearspring Matcha Three Mint tea (bags) 36g

Clearspring Matcha Ginger Tea (bags) 36g

4 Per Case ACSP-OJO

4 Per Case ACSP-MTM

4 Per Case ACSP-MGT

Fray Bentos is an iconic British brand committed to providing you with convenient, satisfying meals. From their famous meaty stew to a new but equally delicious vegetarian bolognese, Fray Bentos has a meal for everyone.

Fray Bentos Pots BBQ Sausage & Black Bean Stew 250g 6 Per Case 1076082

Fray Bentos Pots Chicken Curry 250g 6 Per Case 1076084

Fray Bentos Pots Vegan Bolognese 250g 6 Per Case 1076083

Fray Bentos Pots Meat ball Arrabiata 250g 6 Per Case 1076081

100% plant-based, risotto-style meals made from riced cauliflower, coconut milk, herbs and spices.

Fullgreen Riced Ideas Sun Dried Tomato 200g

Fullgreen Riced Ideas Portobello Mushroom 200g

6 Per Case AFG-RISDT

6 Per Case AFG-RIPM

Fullgreen Riced Ideas Buffalo Ranch 200g

6 Per Case AFG-RIBR

Bisto Chip Shop Curry Sauce Pots 90g 6 Per Case 1017315

Cooks & Co Stuffed Vine Leaves with Rice 400g

6 Per Case ACOO-SVL

Miracle Noodle Ready To Eat Meals Spaghetti Bolognese 280g

Miracle Noodle Ready To Eat Meals Thai Tom Yum Noodle Soup 280g

Miracle Noodle Ready To Eat Meals Green Curry 280g

6 Per Case AMIR-VSB

6 Per Case AMIR-VTT

6 Per Case AMIR-VGC

Yutaka Soba Noodles 250g

Yutaka Udon Noodles 250g

10 Per Case AYTK-YSN

10 Per Case AYTK-YUN

Yutaka Wasabi

Paste 43g 10 Per Case AYTK-YWP

NEW to our Chilled range! The iconic Mars Bar can now be enjoyed in the form of a deliciously creamy, vegan, Mars oat drink. Bursting with a rich chocolate and caramel taste, the newMars Bar drink has no added sugar and is registered with the Vegan Society. Mars Non-Dairy Drink

250ml 12 Per Case 3100641

Beleaf Mango Passionfruit Yogurt 120g 8 Per Case 3701332

Beleaf Almond Berries Yogurt 120g 8 Per Case 3701334

New pack size

New flavour

Festive aroma of Christmas

Glade Candle Arctic Apple Pie Air Freshener 129g 6 Per Case 1084956

Glade Candle Merry Berry & Bright Air Freshener 129g 6 Per Case 1084954

NEW to our Homecare range...

Stardrops Pink Stuff Paste Cleaner 500g 12 Per Case 1081440

Ecover Fabric Conditioner Gardenia & Vanilla 750ml

Astonish Laundry Cleanser 1 Litre 6 Per Case 1053042

A versatile, specially- formulated, vegetable oil based cleaner for use both inside and outside the home.

25 washes 6 Per Case 1081341

Kills 99.9% of bacteria!

For more information please contact your Customer Service Export Advisor or Account Manager:

+44(0) 1472 315 610 Adam Smith Street, Grimsby, DN31 1SJ, United Kingdom

Please be advised that all lines are subject to availability and minimum order quantities for our ranges apply.

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