The Quest for Financial Growth

by Nathan Long, President of Quest Trust

T he real secret to success is not chasing the hottest deal; it is coupling the best tax strategy with your specific investment. I did not become a CPA or study to become a tax attorney to maximize my investment returns, and you don’t have to either. Instead, I spent my time learning about how I could do the same real estate investments I have always done, but grow my profits completely tax-free. In the process, I stumbled across life changing knowledge on how I could pay for my family’s everyday expenses for health and education also completely tax-free. This knowledge is accessible to anyone who wants it, and I’m happy to share some of it with you. I started my career in the automotive industry and spent more than 17 years in that field, working with Automotive Investment Group (AIG). Like many Americans, I spent my time in corporate America investing my hard-earned money in stocks or mutual funds, leaving my financial success in the hands of other folks who may or may not have understood my financial and personal goals. Over time, I became motivated to take my future into my own hands and I began to pursue real estate investing. It’s been 25+ years later and I have never looked back. Houston’s unique and thriving economy, in addition

to its historically strong local communities, present an unparalleled opportunity for collective and personal financial growth. Our city is not only poised for future growth (since 2010, the Texas population has grown by more than 3.5 million. [according to Forbes]), it is presently a hub for business, opportunity, and diversity. 26 Fortune 500 companies call Houston home, in addition to the largest medical center in the United States and major employers like ExxonMobil and HP (according to RWN). While these businesses continue to stimulate economic growth, our most important assets are the people who live here. By combining different tax-advantaged accounts with the real estate investing skills and strategies you already possess, you can create unlimited opportunities not only for yourself, but for your local community and for your city.

As the President of Quest Trust Company, I have the exciting opportunity to share my knowledge and help investors learn how they can make a good deal even better with the right education. Self- Directed IRAs allow Americans to choose their own investments; namely, private assets like real estate, private companies, promissory notes, and many other alternatives to traditional publicly traded investments. Choosing your investments is a strategic way to use your knowledge to your


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